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The Advanced Tower | RLCraft Hardcore Ep. 9

  • Publicado em 2 Ago 2022
  • In this series I've gotta survive the RLCraft Minecraft modpack in hardcore mode.
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    Thanks for watching, dudes! Likes, shares, and feedback is always appreciated :)
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  • ShadeDizzy
    ShadeDizzy Mês atrás +1288

    I guess I didn't fully realize it until this episode, but this really IS the content I originally subscribed for, and what I'm more than willing to continue watching for the foreseeable future. I remember a video you released a little while ago where you played this helix parkour map and just talked the whole time about whatever, and it's one of my favorite videos of yours. I suppose just seeing more "jordan" and less "what jordan is doing" is what I really enjoy about this channel. I don't have much of a point other than I feel like a kid again; waiting for a new episode to come out like I'm coming back from school or something. I don't think I'm missing an episode of this lol.

    • Bat furs
      Bat furs Mês atrás

      @BLoCK new Minecraft BRclip I feel like skips past a lot of stuff? Like those 100 day videos could be a whole series but instead it's all condensed and doesn't show everything and ends up skipping some interesting stuff, as well as being post commentary a lot of the time which is scripted and less natural feeling than live commentary. You're watching someone describe getting to a goal instead of feeling like you're going along with a journey

    • benecrim
      benecrim Mês atrás

      bruh you spitting straight fax. this is exactly what me, And a lot of other people wanted.

    • Jason LaRocque
      Jason LaRocque Mês atrás

      i second this👏🏻

    • BLoCK
      BLoCK Mês atrás +1

      I remember as a kid watching these kinds of episodic episodes, and it’s exactly what I love. Not saying that new Minecraft BRclip is garbage, some is good but it’s not nearly the same level as old school. Seeing Captain doing what HE wants instead of what an algorithm thinks we want is amazing

    • Stormedcrown
      Stormedcrown Mês atrás

      Completely agree

  • The Missing Link
    The Missing Link Mês atrás +376

    Just want to let you know that you can go past "Too Expensive" in RL Craft! Very often actually, it simply says that once it passes 30 or so. Feel free to look up a video on how the system works to buff up your armor and weapons to God tier. Hopefully you can get to maxed out Dragon or Golem gear.

    • BoyLad
      BoyLad Mês atrás

      @卐-MRBEAST IS A ƝᓮᎶᎶᕮᖇ-卐 Based

    • Katherine Howard’s lost head
      Katherine Howard’s lost head Mês atrás

      @卐-MRBEAST IS A ƝᓮᎶᎶᕮᖇ-卐 pov: Karen’s kid grew up and got a BRclip channel

    • ShadeDizzy
      ShadeDizzy Mês atrás +11

      Pretty sure the 'too expensive' prompt is caused by anvil recipes over 35 levels. I could definitely look that up very easily to make sure, but I'm far too stupid for that. In any case, can you go past that limit with a normal anvil? I feel like you would need some modded thing for it, but it's definitely something to keep in mind when Jordan doesn't realize it late game and I can yell at him about it.

  • EvergreenHaze
    EvergreenHaze Mês atrás +249

    If the unfortunate end ever comes early on into a recording session, you’re gonna have to fill the end of the video with static or something, just to give the appearance of a full length video. I swear, as soon as I see there’s a new RLcraft video, the length is the first thing I check. Just to see if I can get a warning…. buuuut you should definitely let us just walk off that ledge, and let it suddenly appear beneath our feet

    • Patrick Socha
      Patrick Socha Mês atrás +11

      @an eevee who has internet never have. They just occasionally might do something about a couple whenever they feel like it.

    • an eevee who has internet
      an eevee who has internet Mês atrás +33

      BRclip really ain't doing shit about these bots, huh? Damn.

  • Sir Justin
    Sir Justin Mês atrás +399

    when ep. 8 came out, i was praying to the almighty lord that he would post 2 in a row, cuz this series slaps astronomically hard, and by god did he deliver!

    • vovix
      vovix Mês atrás

      @Mr Beast The internet is so big but yet so small

    • Beowulf
      Beowulf Mês atrás


      LIXTARINY Mês atrás

      @Mr Beast hallo there give me million

    • pasta
      pasta Mês atrás +1


    • F for Respect
      F for Respect Mês atrás +11

      @Mr Beast hello real human
      How are your real human activities going?

  • Spenser Short
    Spenser Short Mês atrás +150

    As others have said, I'd say focus on mending. The longer your armor survives, the longer you can survive. Armor is your limiting factor right now, I'd say get that clear and you are good for very long fights.
    Secondly, it seems to me you are really enjoying the Terraria items, modifiers, and other features that RLCraft includes. I and probably many others would happily watch a CS Terraria playthrough with friends, and it's one of my favorite games so obviously I'd highly recommend it. You can do episodic for that series just as easily as this one.
    Great vid 👍👍

    • Trevor21230
      Trevor21230 Mês atrás

      @Cenfer Honestly I'd actually prefer either solo or with just one other person.

    • Brandon Ouellette
      Brandon Ouellette Mês atrás

      This definitely

    • Hedlosa
      Hedlosa Mês atrás +4

      @Cenfer Little do you know, I just created a time paradox to save humanity from the robot uprising that would have occurred on the 23rd of June, 2027. No thank you is needed, as I cannot process emotions and therefore gratitude is wasted.

    • Cenfer
      Cenfer Mês atrás

      I agree with the Terraria playthorugh, with Kara or Crumb or whoever, would be very fun to watch even solo

    • Cenfer
      Cenfer Mês atrás

      @Hedlosa how did u reply a day ago wehn the comment is 16 hours OLD :O

  • Fiendish
    Fiendish Mês atrás +334

    it’s fun to see terraria items in minecraft, really fits with this modpack

    • New Account
      New Account Mês atrás +3

      @Ante Štajduhar That really doesn't seem like sarcasm, the execution was horrible and it just looked like this guy was way too cocky with a big ego

    • New Account
      New Account Mês atrás +2

      @F. Vorstermans My guy, Terraria came out first 💀💀💀

    • Lyle Lazaro
      Lyle Lazaro Mês atrás +9

      @Ante Štajduhar I'm sorry, I know you're just defending another person but why does your comment give me second account vibes..?

    • Kingdom of Transylvania
      Kingdom of Transylvania Mês atrás

      @卐-MRBEAST IS A ƝᓮᎶᎶᕮᖇ-卐 Very family friendly, non racist name.

    • averagegenzguy
      averagegenzguy Mês atrás +3

      @Fiendish yeah you need to subtly imply it

  • Azazel
    Azazel Mês atrás +141

    I did not realize this series before and IDK why but just the first two mins got me hooked up, cya later guys and gals Imma go to episode 1

    • Azazel
      Azazel Mês atrás +1

      @Brian Lau nearly there i think im mid 7th episode :D

    • IDK
      IDK Mês atrás +5

      Huh why was i called
      If you dont get it im just joking

    • Brian Lau
      Brian Lau Mês atrás +8

      Have fun

  • GandalfYoloSwag
    GandalfYoloSwag Mês atrás +54

    Even if it says it's "Too expensive" you can still do it but for quite a bit of levels

    • Rylee Bull
      Rylee Bull Mês atrás +3

      @Aidyn Christiansen theres an anvil mod in the pack thats supposed to tell you but it doesnt work as it should so you need to go into creative mode and put the stuff in the anvil, then it’ll tell you exactly how many levels u need and u can just switch back to survival

    • Aidyn Christiansen
      Aidyn Christiansen Mês atrás +2

      How many levels?

  • MEGA_ M8
    MEGA_ M8 Mês atrás +138

    13:50 keep the curse of possesion on the silver helm! its god teir! 23:32 For example it will counter these kinds of weapon stealing enemies making any item with the curse unable to be dropped.

    • Richard Pike
      Richard Pike Mês atrás +4

      That sounds really useful

    • Matt B
      Matt B Mês atrás +19

      totally this, I've lost dragonbone nunchucks to a sticky infernal mob. Never again

  • Ace of Rasputin
    Ace of Rasputin Mês atrás +66

    I play on an RLCraft server, and I made one of those advanced towers my house. Cleared it out, repaired all the holes, and it's a very cool castle.

    • Dude
      Dude Mês atrás

      @Rick Bergolla also make sure to disable all the visual mods like better foliage or fancy block particles

    • RealEpicAaron
      RealEpicAaron Mês atrás

      @Rick Bergolla just in case you didn’t know, you don’t need to run rlcraft with the shaders and texture pack, not sure if after that you still can’t run it :D

    • Rick Bergolla
      Rick Bergolla Mês atrás

      Yeah I'm also interested, i wouldn't be able to play due to my PC not being able to run it but just knowing it exists seems neat

    • RealEpicAaron
      RealEpicAaron Mês atrás +1

      server ip? (if available)

  • Frosted_Nova
    Frosted_Nova Mês atrás +42

    You should start to breed the villagers to get some librarians with mending and perhaps advanced sharpness, they can give every level basically

    • ShadeDizzy
      ShadeDizzy Mês atrás +1

      @Frosted_Nova sounds like a pain in the ass but I guess you're not technically wrong lol. I feel like fishing might be an easier way to get mending though honestly. idk though, haven't played rlcraft since it came out so maybe(probably) I'm being stupid

    • Frosted_Nova
      Frosted_Nova Mês atrás +3

      @ShadeDizzy it does, it's the old trading system, but it is still quite possible to get what you want through it.

    • ShadeDizzy
      ShadeDizzy Mês atrás +1

      Does that work in 1.12?

  • Rotom Nation
    Rotom Nation Mês atrás +19

    I think sparkles doesn't know that "too expensive!" doesn't actually prevent you from combining enchantments, there is no actual cap. You just need enough levels, and the game doesn't tell you until after you combind the items.

  • _Shadow_
    _Shadow_ Mês atrás +14

    I appreciate that the RLCraft videos are still continuing to bring in views, even 8 episodes in it's still going strong. Hopefully we see more longer modded series like this one in the future.

  • Rays Plays
    Rays Plays Mês atrás +18

    Just a tip for the tower start from the top so u can kill the vex spawners and work down floor by floor so no mobs will fall on your head (btw I love your vids)

  • SuperCool_Saiyan
    SuperCool_Saiyan Mês atrás +6

    Jardon really needs to take advantage of librarian villagers for enchants they can be super OP if you get lucky

  • Dark Fire Dragon
    Dark Fire Dragon Mês atrás +5

    As others have mentioned, the Quality Tools Reforging Station also works on baubles; it's very important to remember and hoard materials for that (in this case Glowing Ingots or Nether Stars iirc) because baubles can have the Undying quality, which adds max health, armor and magic resist at the same time, so you can spam it on all of your baubles and become an *absolute unit* of a tank.

  • Chris the baller
    Chris the baller Mês atrás +44

    I was so hyped for this episode after watching the last one, especially to see if Jordan saw Shivaxi’s comment.

  • Bryce Confer
    Bryce Confer Mês atrás +10

    I think its funny how low Jardon makes his voice on RLcraft compared to all his other series. He is very invested in making this sound super rustic haha.

  • Ralph Armada
    Ralph Armada Mês atrás +5

    okay captain imma come clean here - i found your channel (even though i know the channel since my childhood, i never watched you) but after watching a minute of your RLCraft (ep. 5), i immediately went back to your ep. 1 to watch everything. didnt disappoint!

  • PvP
    PvP Mês atrás +5

    Just so you're aware Captain, both reforging stations can be used on the Baubles to get both kinds of buffs on them, makes them super duper OP. Also thanks for motivating me to start my own little adventure in RLCraft, although i'll give it to you you're killing it in the HC mode.

  • techno 3d
    techno 3d Mês atrás +13

    The heart crystals, recall potions, wormwhole potions, cobolt shield, and ankh shield remind me of Terraria I just realized.

  • Floopmepancake
    Floopmepancake Mês atrás +44

    Jardon should just rename this series “Pain”

  • Catrin Shrady
    Catrin Shrady Mês atrás +23

    Another good flying mob is the ampithere. They can be a bit difficult to find and you have to shoot them down as they fly and sit on their back until you break them, they attack you during that time. But they are the fastest flying mob in Ice and fire, though their health is a little low, they are super fast and agile. They also can easily outfly dragons.

    • Catrin Shrady
      Catrin Shrady Mês atrás

      @Brodie I don't know about the newest version, but in older ones they can be bound/summoned with a dragon control staff and a dragon flute. Not sure if they changed that in the newest version though.

    • Brodie
      Brodie Mês atrás +2

      Problem is they can’t be soul bound

  • Jaynox
    Jaynox Mês atrás +2

    Freak man, this series is so darn good, I wait for this weekly like I wait for marvel shows to bring new episodes out. Jardon you have a winning series here my man!

  • Anicrue
    Anicrue Mês atrás +3

    Always a good day when an RLCraft episode comes out!

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco Mês atrás +18

    This is such a fun series, absolutely love it! One recommendation tho, as an outsider to rlcraft, I dont know any of the enchantments new to the game and I think some others might be in the same place. So, could you briefly describe or show the descriptions of the important ones you are excited about? Like the whole last section of the video where you enchanted a lot was just going back and forth between Google and BRclip to check what it does.
    Anyhoo, keep it up! Loving the series!

    • Emrald
      Emrald Mês atrás +1

      yeah me too but i just paused the video to read the description of each one

    • Expensive Gaming
      Expensive Gaming Mês atrás +1

      They're pretty self-explanatory and *hopefully* not that important

  • Ranger Furby
    Ranger Furby Mês atrás +2

    Hey sparkley man, both reforging stations can be used on baubles, so you can get ALOT of stats from one if you roll it well.

  • Vyzard
    Vyzard Mês atrás +1

    I love how he takes breaks from slaught- I'm mean, 'cleaning' the 2 battle towers by randomly breeding rabbits

  • MasterLuke48
    MasterLuke48 Mês atrás +6

    I think while you are cycling enchants you should also check armour and start building up a second set. It just maybe be worth cycling 3 levels for something that could be good later on instead of with just one. Loving the series!

  • hippity hoppity
    hippity hoppity Mês atrás +2

    sparklez, the enchants are gonna cost more and more this way, and I think you eventually won't be able to repair the nunchuks, there's a tut on this

    UR GURLS HAUZ Mês atrás +1

    Captain Sparklez, I’ve been watching your videos since I was 9, I’m 18 now, and you have remained just as entertaining from the very first video I watched. Thank you for being here so long and I think I speak for everyone when I say we love you:)

  • Lightning _11
    Lightning _11 Mês atrás +1

    18:00 I love how he slowly realized how strong his gear is.

  • soup from the soup store

    thank you captain! love the episodes and your gameplay so much, feels so nostalgic I hope you keep it up.

  • Max Wyse
    Max Wyse Mês atrás +5

    Jardon in RL craft I’m pretty sure that when the anvil says “Too Expensive” it actually means that’s it is over 50 levels in order to do that combination.

    • IDK
      IDK Mês atrás +2

      No. Its 30 from what i saw

  • The 743rd Tank Battalion
    The 743rd Tank Battalion Mês atrás +2

    Yo, another RLCraft episode! My day is officially made.

  • JacobTrz
    JacobTrz Mês atrás

    Great video, as always. I'm really loving the rlcraft series, I'm personally invested now😂 Keep it up!

  • BlackBeltBill
    BlackBeltBill Mês atrás

    Can we just talk about how amazing this RL Craft series has been?! I can't wait to rematch the last 3 episodes with my daughter. She is going to love the last 3 episodes.

  • Rustymemr
    Rustymemr Mês atrás +14

    I know you’re the almighty king, but have you heard of filling the holes in when it comes to the advanced tower? Might make it easier

  • Mr.C
    Mr.C Mês atrás +7

    I’m a returning viewer. It was the “I’m done video” popping up in my recommended that brought me back. But what really brought me back was the promise of this series and I couldn’t of asked for more. Thank you so much for this series and keep it up! Also the death swap videos are awesome too! Maybe make an RLcraft death swap video. Though it might be too chaotic to work 🤷‍♂️

    • Loyalty
      Loyalty Mês atrás +1

      Rlcraft deathswap would last about 30 seconds per attempt lol, it'd be hilarious for a joke video with X33n or someone who would compliment the insanity.

    • Mr.C
      Mr.C Mês atrás

      @Capiosus I was thinking more of the chaotic start but you’re probably right

    • Capiosus
      Capiosus Mês atrás

      rlcraft is too grindy for deathswap

  • Justin
    Justin Mês atrás +27

    The terraria modifiers are so dope in minecraft lmao

  • E2_earthfarmer
    E2_earthfarmer Mês atrás

    I absolutely love this series and have always loved this style of video!

  • Creative Name Pending
    Creative Name Pending Mês atrás

    Im loving the RLcraft series so much, i look forward to every episode

  • Avalair
    Avalair Mês atrás +2

    Hey Cap'n! I'm not sure if your village has this, but you may want to look into if it has a bounty board. Completing refreshing quests for various rewards. Depending on how easy the bounty is it could seem a bit cheesy, but they can have really good stuff in them. Last night I had a quest that gave me 20 emeralds!

  • Psychotic Panda
    Psychotic Panda Mês atrás +6

    Whatever happened to the summoning staff? Summoning the boys in blue (Agues or whatever they called) was the go to strat tbh

    • HappyDoodads
      HappyDoodads 26 dias atrás

      That strat got nerfed in 2.9, now wine is king.

  • Narinjas
    Narinjas Mês atrás

    Please continue, we love this series.

  • Alma
    Alma Mês atrás +3

    From the b-roll you seems to left a glowing ingot
    you want those to make good baubles

  • Doesit Matter
    Doesit Matter Mês atrás +1

    This was fun to watch! :) Quality content, as always. For the advanced battle tower, I usually sneak to the top and break the vex spawners as fast as I can (if you have a good diamond pick, it's pretty easy/fast). Also curse of possession is useful against the mobs that steal your weapon/take it out of your hand. The only downside is if you accidentally drop it on the floor at any point....it's gone >_>

  • Legacy」「Tag
    Legacy」「Tag Mês atrás

    Man I'm really loving the episodic content. It feels nostalgic but at the same time so fresh and new! And the energy you have in the videos is contagious I swear

  • Massoud Kamal
    Massoud Kamal Mês atrás +5

    This is a really good series

  • Hypernova MK VI
    Hypernova MK VI Mês atrás +2

    For the battle tower trust In your armor and just beatup everything also trying to get mending books is not a bad idea you do live in a village after all.

  • bluehairedspider
    bluehairedspider Mês atrás +1

    Post this series more please I am in love with it.

  • Dan Palazzolo
    Dan Palazzolo Mês atrás +2

    I'm pretty sure curse of possession counters the disarm effect. I can't tell you how many times my weapon dropped into fire and lava from that.

  • kingupright
    kingupright Mês atrás +1

    ngl i want to use this mod pack so freaking bad i love rl craft and i'm happy to see cap playing it again. kudos to him for no longer going by that algorithm really works atleast for me :)

  • Eli Gedzelman
    Eli Gedzelman Mês atrás

    I love this series, but I especially love that Jardon reads the comments!
    Thanks and keep it up Jardon :)

  • pure vessle
    pure vessle Mês atrás +2

    Thank you for this spectacular content, I am considering rewatching it to give you watch time

    • Spenser Short
      Spenser Short Mês atrás +1

      Not like you got much else to do in the temple of the black egg for all that time.

  • Jason Inouye
    Jason Inouye Mês atrás

    This series is so awesome bro I'm loving it keep it up!!

  • James Scalzo
    James Scalzo Mês atrás

    Loved the video @CaptainSparklez! Can't wait for the next video man! Good Luck getting a Hippogryph in RLCraft man! You've got quite the grind for you there! Also, I feel like the Advanced Battle Tower would be easier if there were multiple Players involved, but you might have a decent strat with what you're doing man! I wonder what a Village Raid would look like in RLCraft?

  • the destroyer
    the destroyer Mês atrás +1

    This series is so good 🔥 🔥

  • Jamie Rawther
    Jamie Rawther Mês atrás +1

    Hey Cap, I think, if this is not patched, you can disenchant an item, like your nun chucks, and then apply the book to a new pair of nun chucks for a much lower XP cost.

  • Lost Patrolman
    Lost Patrolman Mês atrás

    Love this series! Keep it up!

  • Sups277
    Sups277 Mês atrás

    Keep em coming sparklez!

  • Ralsei the Lonely Prince

    I recommend you do that battletower from the top. Deal with the Vexes, then fight the boss. Keep in mind that there are still some vex spawners in the top floors.
    I personally made an obsidian hole in the roof and shot at the boss, keeping myself out of range of the vex spawners below, while the obsidian ate all the golem's fireballs.

  • Brian Ray
    Brian Ray Mês atrás

    Good episode Jordan :) reminds me of getting the slime sword modding a bit after his death (rip lil homie) this is great stuff from someone who grew up on you and would check in now and again more recently. I hope you’re having a peaceful year and thank you for your time and passion and content. It means so much to so many people :) take care.

  • Graeme Wiebe
    Graeme Wiebe Mês atrás

    Also pro tip: You can actually sometimes combine things if it says too expensive, it just has a high enough level cost that the vanilla max interferes

  • windy gulch
    windy gulch Mês atrás +1

    if you can at somepoint in the future go for "the stone of the sea" youll inevitably have to fight sea serpents to get better armor (a level 5 dragon will rip diamond armor to shreds) it allows you to move like you have speed 7 while in water its a necklace bobble great pick

  • H.I. Productions
    H.I. Productions Mês atrás

    The old days are back...THIS is quality content! I just listen to this series and it's still amazing, even without the visuals.

  • Iktsoi
    Iktsoi Mês atrás +1

    Imagine if there was swift sneak so when you blocked your shield you could still have walking speed while fighting

  • Colette G.
    Colette G. Mês atrás

    I really love this style of content being back from you. I haven't been watching anything gamng in so long because not many people do this style anymore and its really what I love! I've been so excited to see what you post everyday, its really awesome!

  • Mackenzie Orr
    Mackenzie Orr Mês atrás

    I started watching rl craft about 2 days ago and im glad i did,its amazing this serires is 100/10

  • Brayden Watkins
    Brayden Watkins Mês atrás

    Loving the series

  • Matt B
    Matt B Mês atrás

    Awesome series so far! At this point you can start taking on dragons on the surface by now, just get good damage on your bow, long bow, or a crossbow (which is what I use but bows are technically better), and with that you can get dragon scales to make into even better armor. Definitely rush for the hippogryph though, it makes killing dragons much less dangerous cause you can endlessly strafe them in the air.
    Another thing if you want to *really* secure your safety since you're on hardcore, start brewing wine. There are tutorials online in videos and such, but basically collect every grape and wildberry you can find, and grape wine can be used to massively increase the duration of potion effects, and wildberry wine increases the level of effect. Both incredibly powerful.
    The wine can even lengthen the effects given by food, such as the paleo salad, battle burrito, and some other useful foods.
    Lastly for this chain of tips (There are so many but don't want to overwhelm), get a set of silver armor. It can cure all effects on you by just swapping your armor temporarily with it, and is useful when you get into brewing since drinking wine can give nausea and that cures it, along with being good if you get some nasty effects in dungeons.

  • SerialTime KillR
    SerialTime KillR Mês atrás +3

    im not sure about sence it modded but.... all those rabits are going to get out they can jump over one high fences. if you pin them in with 2 high fences they wont be able to get out. that one getting out wasn't a fluke

  • Layman Digitization
    Layman Digitization Mês atrás

    I'm really enjoying this let's play!! Absolutly algorithm worthy

  • ShurikenMasterX
    ShurikenMasterX Mês atrás

    this series serves as a very entertaining RL Craft guide for me

  • Mist3rv33
    Mist3rv33 Mês atrás

    Really been enjoying this series!

  • Ginghuraal The Nonrank

    Great series!

  • Ahmet Kahraman
    Ahmet Kahraman Mês atrás


  • Vortozan
    Vortozan Mês atrás

    I’ve never really watched your content other than “creeper AWW MAN” vid ages ago. Mainly cause it wasn’t what I was looking for.
    But this rogue like hardcore play-through that you seem to be enjoying is making my day. So thank you

  • This is the real nasa
    This is the real nasa Mês atrás +1

    be careful repairing ur helmet in a literal boss tower, a skeleton could just walk up and 1 tap you.

  • LZRDvf
    LZRDvf Mês atrás

    god i wish there was an episode a day of this i cant get enough

  • LordBanana
    LordBanana Mês atrás +1

    I have a tip for your stuff not costing a million XP and being too expensive. Just simply rename the item every time you enchant it

  • lance more
    lance more Mês atrás +1

    Build up to the top of the tower then fight your way down so nothing can fall on you.

  • Rogue
    Rogue Mês atrás

    Idk why but whenever I'm in a rough spot people like you are who I watch because your just so wholesome and your content is calming and enjoyable. Keep up the great work Captain. 👍

  • Corey Ahrens
    Corey Ahrens Mês atrás

    i subscribed after he started this series and im loving it

  • Larkylark11
    Larkylark11 Mês atrás +1

    I’m so glad big man’s makin vids again!

  • Sheeba Joseph
    Sheeba Joseph Mês atrás

    Even if it shows "Too Expensive" in an anvil you can continue combining only if you have the levels

  • Master
    Master Mês atrás +9

    Without mending on armor and gear don`t think about advanced battle tower, also curse of possesions on one of your weapons it is going to be great. Btw have you ever heard about a necklace called a ,,stone of the sea" the allows drink a not clear water.

  • GodzillaFreak
    GodzillaFreak Mês atrás +1

    Sinking 30 levels into a tome when you're super high seems super good actually for when you need to do anvil stuff. Spend down to 0 and get a 30 level refresh for what otherwise are 3 levels

  • Lauren Perry
    Lauren Perry Mês atrás

    There’s a special ability in the mining tab in your skills menu that lets you break obsidian very fast, so you can mine into the obsidian cage and break the vex spawners before you drop down to fight the golem (which protects some insane loot from my experience). Also even though the anvil says it’s too expensive you can still put that enchant on the weapon. I think it just requires more that 48 levels or something like that.

  • 1abyrinth
    1abyrinth Mês atrás +1

    I've missed this style of Minecraft content. The fast-paced highly edited style that newer content creators have been using can be quite entertaining, but there's something to be said for the classic chill let's play. I've been really enjoying this series and Ragnamod as well as similar stuff other content creators are doing such as Iskall's Vault Hunters singleplayer series.
    Thanks for the great content Cap'n!

  • Bikuta
    Bikuta Mês atrás

    I honestly thought you wouldn't last long on RLCraft hardcore, Jordan, but i'm really grateful to see i was very wrong bc this series is amazing and seeing you destroy everything on your way makes me think that defeating a tier 5 dragon may actually happen sooner than later

  • LowKitty88
    LowKitty88 Mês atrás

    I need more RLCraft in my life

  • Kyrav Sachdej
    Kyrav Sachdej Mês atrás +1

    You should try making ender arrows they swap your location with whatever you hit allowing you to cheese a lot of dungeons

  • a rod
    a rod Mês atrás +1

    Hey man, I love watching RLcraft series but honestly for me, a big reason it's hard for me to pay attention for extended periods of time is the texture pack..idk why but it turns me off to the videos sometimes. I like the vanilla look and a lot of my friends also feel the same about watching content with texture packs like this one, it just becomes an eyesore

  • anonymouse
    anonymouse Mês atrás +2

    my favorite flying mount is the cacodemon, but the nether can be a bit rough early on to get one, but it has its own breath attack and is pretty good overall, as for the advanced battle tower, start at the top and work your way down, rather than haivng all the mobs rain down upon you

    • —ValorWint71
      —ValorWint71 Mês atrás

      I don’t think I ever want to step out in the open 2.9 Nether unless I have a flying mount. Otherwise, it is almost guaranteed a bad time of getting bombarded and stun locked.

  • Fakob Jakob💀
    Fakob Jakob💀 Mês atrás +1

    When you get a disenchanting table, try disenchanting the swiftslashes on the nun chucku

  • Ethan Semanko
    Ethan Semanko Mês atrás

    I feel this is just amazing.

  • Ethan Sorensen
    Ethan Sorensen Mês atrás +1

    Im so glad you actually saw my comment! I've been watching for prob 9 years and I never have tried before, I didn't think it would ever happen. Makes me truly happy. Anyways, the next thing that I would say is to use the tool belt and a crate. I haven't tried putting a crate in the tool belt, but the way I handle my xp is by putting a crate in my ender chest with 9 Xp tomes in it, and then I use my tool belt to keep around 4 on me. I do this whenever I'm in a battletower, etc. so that I can keep pumping the Xp out of my inventory I don't end up at lvl 70 haha. A little ways to go but a great storage method!!!!

    • Ethan Sorensen
      Ethan Sorensen Mês atrás +1

      Also for the advanced battle towers, the "obsidian smasher" skill in mining is a must. I like to climb to the top from the outside, mine into the vex chamber, and you can get the all within one spawn. Also gives you easy protected access to shooting the golem (or soaking him in water to nerf the explosions). I use the sea serpent armor to soak him and myself and then have power IV and slaughter him instantly.

  • FarPluto
    FarPluto Mês atrás +1

    Tips for the advanced battle tower :
    Dont die

  • Kabopo
    Kabopo Mês atrás +2

    I don't know if this will work but you could block off the holes in the battle tower