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Revenge: Remixed by "2 AM"

  • Publicado em 29 Out 2011
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    Yves' channel: brclip.com/user/LenaertsYves
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    Vocals by TryHardNinja: brclip.com/user/TryHardNinja
    and CaptainSparklez: brclip.com/user/CaptainSp...
    Our Minecraft "Revenge" parody, remixed by Yves!
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Comentários • 11 334

  • Blind Side
    Blind Side 8 anos atrás +890

    The thing people forget is that the point of the remix is not to make the song better, it's to give it a different spin. it's not meant to be an improvement, it's meant to be a different take on the same song.

    • chrishemry7
      chrishemry7 Anos atrás +1

      I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. This sounds more like a mashup than a remix.

    • Finn Carns
      Finn Carns 2 anos atrás

      @Xenizate if youre talking about the old one being worse you better shut the fuck off

    • DR. Eggz
      DR. Eggz 2 anos atrás

      No the original one got copyrighted for having more veiws than then original song which for some reason make it no longer a parody so it got taken down but then they were aloud to unprivite it

    • rekt_dim
      rekt_dim 3 anos atrás +1

      Thank you 5 yr old comment

    • MrSharkFIN
      MrSharkFIN 3 anos atrás

      *_Aww man_*

  • Querez
    Querez 6 anos atrás +728

    i remember watching this back when i was like 7-8 yrs old
    This is the closest we can get to the original one (on this channel)

    • Ahmet Kahraman
      Ahmet Kahraman Anos atrás

      @The Asian One I'm at the end of second year of university right now 20 years old.

    • The Asian One
      The Asian One Anos atrás

      @Ahmet Kahraman you went from a twelve year old to graduating likely having a job dang

    • ARX 128
      ARX 128 Anos atrás

      I watched the original one when I was like 5..
      Also I ruined the 69 replies

    • spongbong
      spongbong 2 anos atrás

      @Ahmet Kahraman Yes lol!😁😂

    • Ahmet Kahraman
      Ahmet Kahraman 2 anos atrás +2

      @spongbong I'm now in university. When i saw my comment from 4 years ago i gasped.

  • Tweet ers
    Tweet ers 3 anos atrás +649

    oh nice minecraft is unironically popular again

    • Tim Ervolina
      Tim Ervolina Anos atrás

      It’s the age of netherite
      Well almost

    • Hamfish
      Hamfish Anos atrás

      Didn't even have to check replies I knew I'd see Diamond, Netherite tho!

    • Hamfish
      Hamfish Anos atrás +1


    • Kashis Barnett
      Kashis Barnett 2 anos atrás


    • honk bonk
      honk bonk 2 anos atrás


  • Ralph Lorenzo
    Ralph Lorenzo 8 anos atrás +11

    If ratings were enabled, there would be a never-ending war in which this remix or the original Revenge was better.

  • Rocket Kid
    Rocket Kid 3 anos atrás +404

    Everyone's spamming the original song, and I'm here like 👶🌜

  • Zo Spicy
    Zo Spicy 7 anos atrás +1714

    Who else is here because the original video is privated?

  • DetachableLegJeysin
    DetachableLegJeysin 6 anos atrás

    lovin the remixed Revenge ^^ really wish we could have the original still but this is a great rendition as well :)

  • StupidFaceAaron
    StupidFaceAaron 4 anos atrás +2

    tbh, I wish remixes nowadays were more like this.

  • Mark uwu
    Mark uwu 6 anos atrás

    Glad the remix is still around, love it

  • Jurassicparklionkingfan
    Jurassicparklionkingfan 8 anos atrás +507

    "Ratings have been disabled for this video." Darn

  • Johnanater
    Johnanater 8 anos atrás +9

    I love the remix, just the original has that beat to it and all that nostalgia...

  • Sleeping Groke
    Sleeping Groke 6 anos atrás +62

    This song was the reason I got Minecraft, and then they had to remake it.

    • remy has risen
      remy has risen 4 meses atrás

      there's a reason it's called a remix, and not a remake.

    • dont ask why
      dont ask why Anos atrás +1

      four years nice oof

    • Maxwell M
      Maxwell M 6 anos atrás +2

      its also the reason I started minecraft(well I already had minecraft but I just didn't play it for months...)

    • Dylan 8oss
      Dylan 8oss 6 anos atrás +1

      same :(

    • Brandon HWH
      Brandon HWH 6 anos atrás +1

      Me too

  • Ewout pockelé
    Ewout pockelé 6 anos atrás

    I guess this is the closest we'll get to nostalgia now, what a shame the original was taken down.

  • skeeballz
    skeeballz 3 anos atrás +5

    This is the only version available on iTunes. Still amazing though.

  • The Wolfboy Archives
    The Wolfboy Archives 6 anos atrás +1

    See.. and there's always other ways to get the original fix. Weather through this song, or through top ten lists... I don't think the fact that it will hurt the community that bad... I also think that the new one works better because they both have matured more.

  • Enderstate
    Enderstate 8 anos atrás +1

    So cool! Love this guy's work!

  • Anthony I
    Anthony I 3 anos atrás +8

    Great meme👌

  • timo_lp 99
    timo_lp 99 3 anos atrás +1

    The Original one is more nostalgie but now after years this one is far better ^^

  • Aston Lowe
    Aston Lowe 8 anos atrás

    Both are really good. I prefer the original though. But, if the remix has the animation it will be better to me. Even so it's both still good.

  • Julian B
    Julian B 6 anos atrás

    Although they removed the original, I'm glad that this is still here with the same lyrics.

  • Lilian P
    Lilian P 8 anos atrás +49

    Revenge was my younger brothers fave song when he was 4! He would call it "creeper tonight"

    • WillisCraft
      WillisCraft Anos atrás

      My sister sung it like
      The creeper tryna steal our stuff again
      *sTuFf AgAiN GaIn*
      And I sing it like
      Emolga tryna kill all our friends agaiiinnn

    • Shreyas Sadavarte
      Shreyas Sadavarte 3 anos atrás +2

      Should have been called "Creeper Aww Man"

    • TheUltraMan Pixel Gun 3D
      TheUltraMan Pixel Gun 3D 4 anos atrás +1

      lol me too i called the song creeper tonight

  • ooobls2
    ooobls2 2 anos atrás +4

    0:00 for those who want to go to the start

  • Hannah Lael
    Hannah Lael 6 anos atrás +6

    I saw the version that's up now and thought I hadn't seen the old version, but listening to this brought back so many memories of secondary school.

    • Jamie Knowles
      Jamie Knowles 5 anos atrás

      I get that this was 5 months ago but oh well.

    • Jamie Knowles
      Jamie Knowles 5 anos atrás

      +Leo Earley you Americans call it "high school" if im correct.

    • Leo Earley
      Leo Earley 6 anos atrás


  • Dark Slayer
    Dark Slayer 7 anos atrás

    Good job CaptainSparkles keep up the good work!

  • Christopher Lorde
    Christopher Lorde 8 anos atrás +1

    Oh, how I wish this remix was on Spotify...

  • Lettie C
    Lettie C 7 anos atrás

    Don't get me wrong, I love the original, but this. Is. EPIC!!!

  • Christian Segovis
    Christian Segovis 8 anos atrás +1

    Absolutely fantabulous remix.

  • Amy E
    Amy E 7 anos atrás

    All of these really nice HD picture screenshots are really nice! I might use some of these for some fun in Photoshop!

  • Liesel can’t think of a cool name

    I watched the original back when I first discovered Minecraft, at age 8, and it had just recently come out. I loved it and played it to all my friends and they loved it too. And then it was changed... And my childhood dies with it...

  • Pinhead
    Pinhead 3 anos atrás +4

    We never really left minecraft, we just took really long breaks.

    • Dapper Carson
      Dapper Carson 3 anos atrás

      Didnt you comment this in the original revenge song lmao

  • A Random Pigeon
    A Random Pigeon 3 anos atrás +6

    Man, remember when the original stopped existin' at one point?

  • Josh
    Josh 6 anos atrás

    I feel like this video is actually an excuse to keep the original song :D

  • KevFive
    KevFive 8 anos atrás +18

    Original just hit 1 million likes. I think they are both good personally, but that's awesome! Congrats!

  • Cheezy Chooter
    Cheezy Chooter 3 anos atrás

    the techno feel is extraordinary ngl

  • Jackie Shaw
    Jackie Shaw 3 anos atrás

    When you are born when CaptainSparkelz makes the best songs

  • Anne Casanave
    Anne Casanave 6 anos atrás +149

    This is the better of the new one
    The new one is ok but this better

    • Darren Clark
      Darren Clark 6 anos atrás +1


    • Emth
      Emth 6 anos atrás +1

      +Simply Sophie you can always find "lyrics" videos that have the old song, but worse video quality!

    • Anne Casanave
      Anne Casanave 6 anos atrás +1

      I am starting to like the new one better :/

    • Sophie Elizabeth
      Sophie Elizabeth 6 anos atrás +4

      I miss the old original version of this song, before it was copyrighted

    • Bayu Prayogo
      Bayu Prayogo 6 anos atrás +1

      +Anne Casanave The problem is this song is better singed with a lower thingi voice (you know what i meant? xD) instead of jordan original voice

  • Flaffy
    Flaffy 6 anos atrás

    this will make me remember the old Revenge 😊 good thing this doesn't got tear down!

  • Foray
    Foray 6 anos atrás

    Well, it's the closest thing to the original I'm gonna get, so sure.

  • Sivart
    Sivart 6 anos atrás

    I honestly think this remix should've just become Revenge 2.0 and the actual Revenge 2.0 should've just been something extra, if made at all.

  • 1n9
    1n9 5 anos atrás +6

    This version is better than the new one, cause it's so much closer to the original.

  • Zeox FFA's
    Zeox FFA's 6 anos atrás

    I've watched Jordan since he had 700k.. His videos used to be amazing for me, I guess I kinda grew out of them a few months ago. Not gonna lie once I found out the original amazing song revenge was gone I cried ;c

  • Tadeou
    Tadeou 3 anos atrás

    8 años de que salio esta canción y la conozco recién? Guau

  • Cabalex
    Cabalex 5 anos atrás

    Still better then the remake. :0

  • jon
    jon 6 anos atrás

    This is the closest to the original, so i guess i'll have to live with it.

  • Jennifer Kwon
    Jennifer Kwon 8 anos atrás +25

    Wow I think I just experienced Remix inception.

    • Slean
      Slean 3 anos atrás

      Nathan T ayyyyyy

    • Nathan Thompson
      Nathan Thompson 3 anos atrás


    • Slean
      Slean 3 anos atrás +1

      Jennifer Kwon and I just experienced nostalgia

  • Israel
    Israel 8 anos atrás +1

    I just love this, its way better then the original revenge!

  • rem
    rem 3 anos atrás

    Me in 2040 remembering this masterpiece.
    AWW MAN!

  • idiotic enderman
    idiotic enderman 2 anos atrás +2

    Still epic as the orignal

  • Steven Ramos
    Steven Ramos 8 anos atrás

    XD simply epic! I luv the electric feel of the remix! keep it up Sparkez!! :DDDD

  • Mildly_Miffed_Man
    Mildly_Miffed_Man 4 anos atrás +2

    Holy shit this is actually good I like this beat

  • Morkeleez Jr.
    Morkeleez Jr. 4 anos atrás

    Seeing as the original was ruined this is all we have left of Revenge

  • Grqfes
    Grqfes 3 anos atrás +2

    Petition to unblur the like dislike ratio since its perfect the way it is

  • Slacky
    Slacky 3 anos atrás +8

    2012-2015 this song is so good!
    2016-2017 this song is so bad!

  • Farah Baloo
    Farah Baloo 3 anos atrás +5

    Who’s watching when revenge is a meme

  • Miruto Breaker
    Miruto Breaker 3 anos atrás +5

    Im from the future, im just telling you that Revenge is Trending again and also Minecraft become popular again!
    Bye im leaving this message here....

  • Stealth
    Stealth 3 anos atrás +4

    The only version that’s on Spotify...

    • bias2b
      bias2b 3 anos atrás

      Stealth ツ aww man

  • Bless avia
    Bless avia 8 anos atrás +29

    It's good but I prefer the original one

    • Pure ecra
      Pure ecra 3 anos atrás

      Bless avia just watch it :v

  • Swafty
    Swafty 3 anos atrás

    The only good form of dubstep.

  • Zackary Walpole
    Zackary Walpole 8 anos atrás +6

    I think this is quite better than the original, still like the original though, just this one more.

    • Pholidia
      Pholidia 3 anos atrás +1

      Wow, I thought I was the only one with this opinion

  • Jeffrey Lam
    Jeffrey Lam 6 anos atrás +1

    at least this still sounds like revenge 1.0

  • Titus Soke
    Titus Soke 2 anos atrás

    Wow, I just realized that Captainsparklz made this version too :D

  • Panthro976
    Panthro976 4 anos atrás +1

    who else is here to celebrate the original version being re-released

  • PokeDeeG
    PokeDeeG 3 anos atrás +2

    The only reason people hated this remix is because it was supposed to replace the original. Like how New Coke was supposed to replace original Coca-Cola.

  • KinoVsTheWrld
    KinoVsTheWrld 6 anos atrás

    I feel bad for those who haven't heard the original.

  • Forbidden_Gamer1
    Forbidden_Gamer1 8 anos atrás +21

    love this more than original

    • Lunar
      Lunar 7 anos atrás

      they're even to me

    • Lukah Meirelles
      Lukah Meirelles 8 anos atrás +5

      I love both.

    • FX Irvine
      FX Irvine 8 anos atrás

      I no init chill your beans

    • Forbidden_Gamer1
      Forbidden_Gamer1 8 anos atrás

      people do like dif stuff not everyone likes what you like. its just a video no need to be mean.

    • FX Irvine
      FX Irvine 8 anos atrás


  • Gear Grinder
    Gear Grinder 6 anos atrás +2

    miss the old "revenge"

  • Barney
    Barney 6 anos atrás +32

    Remember the old days when I started playing mc & was so hyped.. i was listening to this song nonstop (not the remix).. now mc is full of hacking kids which were still pooping in their pants while the pvp was clean without hackers.. now cracked servers are shit but i want to play with people from my country.. the hacks & the stupid kids using them ruined the game & now i switched to cs go..

    • Nightf4ll
      Nightf4ll 3 anos atrás

      Csgo is nice

    • CaptainTurtle
      CaptainTurtle 6 anos atrás

      Cause CS:GO's community is SOOoo much better lol

    • Barney
      Barney 6 anos atrás

      @***** well, im LEM with around 1400 hours in the game from all of my accounts & my first rank was gold nova master, so its all about skills. Also if you're higher rank u dont meet so much russians, but regardless, a lot more hackers. And yeah, there are hackers in cs go too, but they're not that much when u compare it to mc cracked server of which 75% of the kids are hacking. If mc gets an anti cheat system anytime I might come back to the game & play it a bit again.

    • nic weinbrecht
      nic weinbrecht 6 anos atrás

      Story of my life

    • Barney
      Barney 6 anos atrás

      @pbj10xx Im not a fan of mingames m8, i played only pvp, i was god at pvp lol, I've been a Builder rank in many small servers too, i can build pretty well, but the main thing i loved in this game was the vanilla hardcore pvp..
      also @Oyvi00i yes man, i miss the good old days too, you dont know how much friends I made in this game, unluckily i cant find some of them anymore.. Just when i think about it, it hurts, so badly. I wish i could turn the time back & play this fucking shitty game again with my old friends

  • Lannee
    Lannee 3 anos atrás

    *Revenge 2.0 Needs to be a Thing*

  • Adamorii
    Adamorii 7 anos atrás +5

    Why must the original parody be private :(

    • Pure ecra
      Pure ecra 3 anos atrás

      It isnt

    • X
      X 7 anos atrás

      He said in a vlog that his network asked him to make revenge and tnt private he doesn't know why

  • Squidmeister
    Squidmeister 3 anos atrás

    beat dropped harder than an anvil

  • Zyeish[NAW]
    Zyeish[NAW] 8 anos atrás

    love this remix lesend 10 times already

  • PattiBumbaGaming
    PattiBumbaGaming 5 anos atrás

    I love the Original Revenge I miss it.

  • Tyler Mason
    Tyler Mason 8 anos atrás

    Eh, I'm not really into the dub step-techno type things but I'm sure if you are it's a really good version of the song.

  • Mikal Beth Fortenberry
    Mikal Beth Fortenberry 8 anos atrás +5

    both are superly amazing! no wounder, IT WAS MADE BY CAPTAIN SPARKLEZ! :D

    • Igi122
      Igi122 3 anos atrás

      nopep and i dont care im 5 years late

  • Kizumi Itsuki EN Vtuber
    Kizumi Itsuki EN Vtuber 4 anos atrás

    Dam what a sick remix 😃

  • RealityMan101
    RealityMan101 8 anos atrás

    Someone should dubstep it as well xD

  • MaxArcana
    MaxArcana 3 anos atrás +1

    this really be a revenge moment

  • Atun
    Atun 3 anos atrás +1

    Publish the original Acapella version of REVENGE, please :C

  • TheGamersNeighbor
    TheGamersNeighbor 6 anos atrás +1

    if you think about it, the copyright issue is not that bad, in return the viewers got 2-3 more songs ! and the others are still on youtube if you look it up..i call that a win

  • Vada Lee
    Vada Lee 6 anos atrás

    this is real good thanks for making this

  • MunchyMumbly
    MunchyMumbly 3 anos atrás

    This is so under appreciated

  • Jay Ramirez
    Jay Ramirez 6 anos atrás

    This is the closest I got to the original 😭😭

  • Spider Fan
    Spider Fan 2 anos atrás

    this song sounds like I'm having a stroke while listening to Revenge.
    I love it.

  • insyirah iman
    insyirah iman 6 anos atrás

    tbh i like the new version best! 😌

  • Krimson Fel
    Krimson Fel 8 anos atrás +61

    Nice song, but at 1:20, it gets a little derpy.

    • V0lt
      V0lt 3 anos atrás

      Krimson Fel, this comment is a relic to the past

    • FR Plays
      FR Plays 3 anos atrás +1

      That part sounds great, wtf... I don't think you listen to techno very much

    • Slean
      Slean 3 anos atrás

      Cole Anti-Zilla 82 no u

    • Cole Anti-Zilla 82
      Cole Anti-Zilla 82 7 anos atrás +1

      No,shut up u DERPY SQUID

    • MLG_RadShotz
      MLG_RadShotz 7 anos atrás +2

      2 AM remixed the voice that's why

  • Emmanuel Cardoso
    Emmanuel Cardoso 6 anos atrás

    caraca manos ele faz as melhores animações do canal e eu acho que tanbem do youtube

  • Allkoklick
    Allkoklick 8 anos atrás +80

    I love it ! :)

  • Tommy Awsm
    Tommy Awsm 8 anos atrás

    i loved the echos. nice touch

  • Chris Coghill
    Chris Coghill 7 anos atrás

    Much better than the old 1

  • kubsons 07
    kubsons 07 Anos atrás +1

    i dig this version

  • Noob God
    Noob God 4 anos atrás +1

    This song reminds me of minecraft when it was actually fun.

  • PixgunLP PixgunLP
    PixgunLP PixgunLP 6 anos atrás

    Better than the new version

  • abner cruz
    abner cruz 8 anos atrás

    There is one thing I gotta say to you : YOUR AWESOME

  • Héctor Torres
    Héctor Torres 7 anos atrás

    Awesome captainsparklez can u make more videos of sg on mineplex I injoy them

  • Old Man
    Old Man 3 anos atrás +1

    For those who are wondering this video has 8.9 million likes ✅✅✅👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • buzz
    buzz 6 anos atrás

    This is as close to revenge as we'll get..

  • GenoHD
    GenoHD 6 anos atrás +77

    hmm let me see how long the video is... 4:20... of course

  • Starry Skies
    Starry Skies 6 anos atrás

    Oh heeeey, the original lyrics! I'm glad this exists.

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 5 anos atrás

    Original version, from years ago. I miss this version

  • Irithiel - The 16th Angel

    You cant improve perfection.