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"Find the Pieces" - A Minecraft Original Music Video

  • Publicado em 24 Abr 2015
  • Get the song here: smarturl.it/find-the-pieces
    This is part 3 of a 4 part series, go watch the others!
    1. Fallen Kingdom: www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-sH5...
    2. Take Back the Night: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwwl9...
    4. Dragonhearted: www.youtube.com/watch?v=07rtl...
    Songs playlist ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2rDb...
    Modeling, rigging, animation, post production, and effects by Bootstrap Buckaroo:
    "Pieces" written and performed by TryHardNinja: brclip.com/user/TryHardNinja
    Animation by Slamacow Creations: brclip.com/user/SlamacowC...
    Audio production by Peter Litvin: www.PeterLitvinMusic.com
    Intro and outro sound by Dan Pugsley: www.danpugsley.co.uk/
    Animation and modeling by Weedlion: brclip.com/user/WeedLion...
    Animation by Mama's Boy: brclip.com/user/2CODlosers
    Some sets by FyreUK: brclip.com/user/FyreUK
    Vocal engineering by The Jerry Farley
    Animated, directed, and produced by CaptainSparklez: brclip.com/user/CaptainSp...
    The city it runs cold today
    Sunshine it is shining grey
    And I wish I could dig straight down
    Black it all away
    But in the dark there’s still a sound
    And nothing changed
    Don’t know if I have ever heard you sing but I hear it
    Hear it, hear it, hear it, hear it,
    Don’t know if I have ever held your hand but I seek it
    Seek it, seek it, seek it, seek it
    Don’t know if I have ever loved but I feel it
    Put the puzzle back together see what I’m dreaming
    When I find the pieces
    Don’t know if I have ever loved but I feel it
    Put the puzzle back together see what I’m dreaming
    When I find the pieces
    Faces echo with no names
    Strangers feel like home but fade
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  • AnimationsByAJ
    AnimationsByAJ 3 anos atrás +12607

    CaptainSparklez did not only predict village and pillage,he also predicted the nether update

    • JJ
      JJ 14 horas atrás

      And netherite

    • Younes lwa3er
      Younes lwa3er 2 dias atrás

      Stop shitting in your pants

    • Charmy Char
      Charmy Char 5 dias atrás

      They also predicted the caves and cliffs and the wild update

    • The Great Papyrus
      The Great Papyrus 9 dias atrás

      And Minecraft Legends

    • High Rofellos
      High Rofellos 24 dias atrás

      He even predicted Chest Boats for goodness sakes.

  • ZoeIsHahaha
    ZoeIsHahaha Anos atrás +1203

    I feel like this song doesn't get enough recognition compared to the other three.

    • ADWarriorLegend1
      ADWarriorLegend1 Dia atrás

      That’s totally fair. My ranking would I guess be:
      1. Take Back The Night
      2. Dragonhearted
      3. Find The Pieces
      4. Fallen Kingdom
      But I used to have 3 and 4 flipped not to long ago. It’s always flipping for me as well, but honestly I love all 4. Some of the best Minecraft Music, and Series of all time.

    • InfiniteAura
      InfiniteAura Dia atrás +1

      It’s funny bc looking back I think I like this one the most but it’s constantly flipping in my head

    • TheNetherKing Of everything
      TheNetherKing Of everything 4 dias atrás +2

      true dat

    • ADWarriorLegend1
      ADWarriorLegend1 Mês atrás +2

      The ending to this song though where they meet father and son is honestly fantastic writing imo

    • ADWarriorLegend1
      ADWarriorLegend1 Mês atrás

      @Bruh man 2793 same

  • Saahith Sreeram
    Saahith Sreeram Anos atrás +665

    Mojang: That is impossible you can't just predict half of the nether update:
    CaptainSparklez: allow me to introduce to you Find the Pieces

    MOIST_SOUP Anos atrás +171

    1:09 I love how the villagers close to the protagonist (idk his name) are so unique all without saying anything. The chef is a jolly middle aged guy just living his life, and when the protagonist bursts into the house and makes a mess, he laughs it off. The historian is very casual, yet noble not only is his posture and movement, but also his very lax aditude when the protagonist leaves. The visual storytelling in the first 1.5 minutes just from the character’s actions are just stunning.

    • Zekromium
      Zekromium 5 meses atrás +11

      I also love when the protag tells the butcher about his dream he's very clearly.. upset(?). It's like he was dreading this day but knew it was coming if that makes sense, and all that from a simple change in facial expression

    • Akselly
      Akselly Anos atrás +3

      Fiction nerds can agree

  • Hifi David
    Hifi David 9 meses atrás +138

    A message to the future generations. Don't let this video die.

    • Lyonidus
      Lyonidus Mês atrás

      The previous generations agree with this statement.

    • Dude pramsimmy
      Dude pramsimmy 4 meses atrás +1


    • Patrick
      Patrick 5 meses atrás +2

      Never, I’ll always come back to this video every year

    • Duy Anh
      Duy Anh 8 meses atrás +1


    • Duy Anh
      Duy Anh 8 meses atrás +1


  • aurahh
    aurahh 3 anos atrás +6762

    0% Terrible
    100% Nostalgia

  • lookitsarat1
    lookitsarat1 Anos atrás +1845

    "I wish I could dig straight down"
    * softly * Don't.
    2022 edit: Y'all, I'm talking about the classic rule of Minecraft: Don't dig straight down when mining. 😭

      HAWAIIAN-P1ZZ4 2 meses atrás

      To me it says that he could just hideaway with all this lingering thoughts.
      But theres still something that drives us which is told in the pre-chorus
      "Dont know if i heard you sing, but i hear it"
      "Don't know if i ever held your hand but i seek it"
      "Don't know if i ever loved, but i feel it"

    • AetherMint
      AetherMint 7 meses atrás

      @T teg egg bedrock wither certainly is

    • Dark Neon
      Dark Neon 10 meses atrás

      Me too

    • T teg egg
      T teg egg 10 meses atrás +1

      Man is the wither that powerful

    • Keiko Mai
      Keiko Mai Anos atrás +2

      @Cabbage Lover r/whoooosh OH SHIT I GOT CAUGHT

  • Ethan Oliver
    Ethan Oliver 2 anos atrás +251

    I wish these songs somehow were made into a movie.

    • Ultra Chadstinct Goku
      Ultra Chadstinct Goku Anos atrás

      A story mode or something bruh

    • mr.lag• 1 second ago
      mr.lag• 1 second ago Anos atrás

      ummm good idea maybe ill do it in the future
      i hope

    • SavageJarJar
      SavageJarJar Anos atrás

      @Biggie Flores That would be great too.

    • Biggie Flores
      Biggie Flores Anos atrás

      @SavageJarJar like a dlc for Minecraft story mode

    • SavageJarJar
      SavageJarJar Anos atrás +6

      @oli_the_olive Not live action, but if it were a movie series, animated in this style, and had voice acting, I would totally watch it.

  • Roughfoxy 101
    Roughfoxy 101 Anos atrás +223

    Me coming back 6 years later to find I still remember the lyrics:
    “I’m still worthy!”

  • PoliticChicken
    PoliticChicken Anos atrás +41

    This is definitely my favourite of the "Fallen Kingdom" series, as I believe it does a good job of illustrating the moral character of the 'son' and introducing the 'pigman faction' as a worldwide threat. While also explaining Herobrine's former involvement in the series. It's the only part where I feel like the characters are all just kinda doing what they want, and not being suddenly thrust into deadly situations. Ultimately, I don't think I would've enjoyed 'Dragonhearted' nearly as much if this one wasn't such a banger plot and music-wise, so yeah.

  • Para_1
    Para_1 3 anos atrás +2415

    The entire Fallen Kingdom saga has much better models, animation, and story-line that a group of free-lance animators and creators worked on than an entire company that spit out what we know now as Minecraft: Story Mode

    • SatanicBarbeque
      SatanicBarbeque 4 meses atrás +1

      There's a big difference between cg music videos and legitimate gameplay, we should all already know this from modern game trailers...

    • Gilbert
      Gilbert 4 meses atrás +3

      We gotta admit tho the witherstorm was pretty cool

    • Unknown Error
      Unknown Error 4 meses atrás

      L take, both are amazing in their own ways. This is a animated video series meanwhile that is a full video game, it definitely could have been better but this take is just pure L.

    • Samvrit
      Samvrit 2 anos atrás +2

      I understand that this is pretty good, but dude you can't compare making a fucking GAME with making a music video.

      W4RD3NS_CREED 2 anos atrás +1

      Honestly dungeons has a better story than story mode.

  • Klarigi
    Klarigi Anos atrás +40

    This series was such a driver of the popularity of Minecraft back in the day, I'm so glad that Mojang payed tribute to this Minecraft story and introduced piglins, bastions, raids etc.

  • Matti
    Matti 3 meses atrás +22

    I’m 100% sure that this was the main inspiration for Minecraft Legends, incredible

  • Vex Mythoclast
    Vex Mythoclast 6 meses atrás +9

    This song is almost 7 years. I still feel like it was made just yesterday. The nostalgia is just unbelievable.

  • Flair258
    Flair258 2 anos atrás +146

    Is nobody going to talk about that the pigmen here look exactly like the piglins, zombie piglins, and even the piglin bruits? I think now we know where Mojang got inspiration from-

    • Outbreak Perfected
      Outbreak Perfected 2 meses atrás

      I’ve always said that zombie pigmen/hoglins are what the piglins, brutes, and hoglins turned into after the blast in dragon hearted

    • Oofzilla MeeM
      Oofzilla MeeM Anos atrás +8

      This is literally what every person in the comments section is talking about, but yeah we get your point

    • NeonRahkshi
      NeonRahkshi Anos atrás +10


  • Aorno
    Aorno 2 anos atrás +3926

    I can't imagine my life without the Fallen Kingdom story

  • Antonn Requerme
    Antonn Requerme Anos atrás +10

    Storytelling: 10/10
    Nostalgia: 1000000/10

  • Logan Coon
    Logan Coon Anos atrás +12

    I'll be honest. For years now I've appreciated the details the animators went through to make these characters look so god damn beautiful and lively, while still looking Minecrafty. This genuinely looks like it could be a music video for Minecraft Dungeons or something

    • ReesesPeeses
      ReesesPeeses Mês atrás

      yeah it stays true to the minecraft art style unlike some others

  • Fearless
    Fearless Anos atrás +9

    It's been almost a decade and Minecraft still going strong from strength to strength year by year, month by month, I am glad and grateful and proud to be a Minecraft Fan and player keep it up Mojang 🙂🙌💯💪🙏.

  • MariV
    MariV Anos atrás +9

    I remember listening to take back the night. When I realized this was a series, I would wait for they next part of this glorious story that was my childhood. By far one of my favorite Minecraft songs.

  • HeroKeaton
    HeroKeaton Anos atrás +11

    I absolutely love how CaptainSparklez said "We were just having fun, we had no idea we'd be making memories.." Here we are 5 and a half years later, (now 18), and I still cry over THIS!!!! MY CHILDHOOD

  • redlizerad
    redlizerad 11 meses atrás +6

    The fallen kingdom series deserves to be made into a story mode. The story is amazing

  • Brady Helsel
    Brady Helsel Anos atrás +9

    This wasn’t just a story of a man. This was the story of a legend

  • TCSilvaesilva _
    TCSilvaesilva _ 5 meses atrás +4

    Thanks for bringing joy to my childhood with this vids!
    Also I finally understood why he grabbed a cook and a horseman at the beginning, I always thought “why he called these two random dudes because of his dream?” Now I see, these are the same villagers that found him back on the Fallen Kingdom

  • Designed
    Designed 2 anos atrás +3533

    Remember when people didn't like how they animated the Pigmens?

    • Dexter Nexus
      Dexter Nexus 4 meses atrás

      Microsoft be like "UPGRADE"
      Fans be like "FUCK GO BACK"

    • cj 15
      cj 15 4 meses atrás

      @SnowFleiques 3.4k

    • Hur gama
      Hur gama 5 meses atrás

      @The Great Hambino nobody wouldnt have done that everyone will try to ruin it

    • Bearybear
      Bearybear 6 meses atrás

      I think you mean 3.2 k

    • Aslamstudio
      Aslamstudio 6 meses atrás

      @lin miao well, yes and no, piglins were added in the nether update, and pigmen are usually a reference to zombie pigmen. But nonetheless, they are pigs, one way or another

  • Fairuz da Proot
    Fairuz da Proot Anos atrás +7

    This animation was from 6 years ago, yet it still looks amazing

  • Sean Twist
    Sean Twist 8 meses atrás +2

    these types of videos never fails to give me chills. that is how i know these are classics, to be remembered throughout the years

  • Pootis
    Pootis Anos atrás +7

    Young me definitely didn't appreciate these beautiful lyrics enough, listening to it now feels different for sure
    Used to be my least favorite quadrilogy song now I'm not so sure
    How can one decide when all four are perfect in their own ways ig

  • Emily Rattini
    Emily Rattini 3 meses atrás +2

    I come back here pretty often, but it never fails to hit me just as hard. This is coming home at the end of the day, journeying along with the prince as we have a hundred times before.

  • Ryguyrocky
    Ryguyrocky 7 anos atrás +57

    This is amazing. As a parody creator, you are the biggest inspiration. Its truly amazing how good your work is. Keep staying awesome Jordan and team.

    • AlexGamesHD
      AlexGamesHD 7 anos atrás


    • Soba
      Soba 7 anos atrás

      @***** Ryguy you still work with my cousin, PragmaticObject?

    • Tyler Nolting
      Tyler Nolting 7 anos atrás +1

      I love you ryguy

    • jacob hammonds
      jacob hammonds 7 anos atrás

      your* cant edit on ipad right now

    • jacob hammonds
      jacob hammonds 7 anos atrás

      watch you parodies

  • FourDFoxey
    FourDFoxey Anos atrás +36

    Remember when you speculated with you friends about the king may have fallen into the water in the last scene of Fallen Kingdom? and then someday found out it was true all along??... it was one of the warmest moments in my heart ever! and then the son died.... one of the coldest and sadest moments of my heart ive fellt. and watching this is just still soo heartwarming :) and still the melancholy strikes hard...

    • Akselly
      Akselly Anos atrás +1

      For me, it always was obvious that he fell into the water but I think I thought that he jumped to his death to not become a zombie himself or something along the lines of that

  • JellyFox Studios
    JellyFox Studios Anos atrás +6

    Guys, wanna know the saddest thing in this song?
    The horse never got the carrot the villager was feeding it as the beginning
    Instead the villager dropped it on the sandy ground, covering it in dirt
    And after the horse never got the carrot, they rode on it for lord who knows how long, and then left it with this old man and his dog.
    And what makes it sadder is the horse never was returned to the prince because he died, so the horse is still with the old man and his dog, still not having the carrot.
    The prince, his owner, has died and the horse still awaits his return with the elder, awaiting his carrot
    Why did I overthink this?
    Why did I have to do this to myself

  • Hector Merlos
    Hector Merlos Anos atrás +271

    Game theory: the pig king is technoblade's father that why he is so good at pvp

    • Kira yoshikage
      Kira yoshikage 2 meses atrás

      Rip technoblade

    • Alex Fox vids
      Alex Fox vids 4 meses atrás

      @ZoeIsHahaha you put too much thought into that

    • Art Style 899
      Art Style 899 Anos atrás

      Officially canon

    • Youtube Videos Watching
      Youtube Videos Watching Anos atrás +2

      And Technoblade was the crown prince, but swore off government when he saw the pain and suffering he caused? That’s literally what I always thought Technoblade’s role was

    • Wesley Wang
      Wesley Wang Anos atrás +1

      Do u watch Bionics BRclip channel ?

  • TzunagI
    TzunagI Anos atrás +1

    As someone who didn't watch him, the "Fallen Kingdom" series was well written with wise song choices

  • Matthew Tjipto
    Matthew Tjipto 3 anos atrás +3092

    Minecraft gives you a feeling no other game does. An unexplainable nostalgic feeling that makes you want to cry. Run back to your childhood, hold it tight cause you won't get it back. Thanks Minecraft
    Happy 2019
    Edit: Thanks for the likes

    • t j
      t j 2 anos atrás

      happy 2020

    • Nooby
      Nooby 2 anos atrás

      azpro gaming not everyone has to like minecraft maybe the fortnite kids will grow into fortnite but darn if you think Marshmello is a kid ur darn wrong he’s a DJ and he plays fortnite he’s probably older than you but bro stop acting cool and take a trip down memory lane and appreciate what other ppl like for once

    • Nooby
      Nooby 2 anos atrás

      Cor3_Hed I liked your comment☺️ I’m also trying to explain that not everyone has to like minecraft and that some ppl have other opinions than we do like fortniters like fortnite robloxian like roblox like me and minecrafters like minecraft see how different we are we all have opinions but ppl forgot about them as a fellow robloxian I like roblox and minecraft and fortnite (damn it triggers me when it updates slowly) I like roblox better cause there are secrets untold like a group of hackers like blox watch and 1x1x1 and guest 666 and John Doe Jane doe
      All of them! I just don’t understand why ppl forgot about opinions and what made them forget

    • Nooby
      Nooby 2 anos atrás

      I hate fortnite stoop I nearly cried when I played the crazy elevator so it’s like minecraft boomer face

    • Nooby
      Nooby 2 anos atrás

      Spackzy stop hating on roblox why is all the toxic community hating on roblox damn why

  • Tedi El gil
    Tedi El gil Anos atrás +2

    I will never get tired of listening to this song it is perfectly perfect :)

  • Ellie Wu
    Ellie Wu 6 meses atrás +5

    After six years, this is still my favorite song

  • YoBoyShane.
    YoBoyShane. Anos atrás +8

    Im once again here to thank you for making my childhood better :')

  • Willcheetah
    Willcheetah Anos atrás +2

    Just revisiting my childhood and remembering how good it was

  • Lilly of the galley
    Lilly of the galley 3 anos atrás +3100

    I love how the wither looks less murderous and more just annoyed. Like as if he hates his job.

    • Pikko
      Pikko 2 anos atrás

      He probably does

    • theChristianNinja
      theChristianNinja 2 anos atrás +2

      Lol he looked so irritated that some kid had the nerve to barge in on his already stressful enough day

    • william hale
      william hale 2 anos atrás

      Ah retail

    • KK Productions
      KK Productions 3 anos atrás +1

      And then he gets blown up and then his nether star gets stolen...

    • Tharzic
      Tharzic 3 anos atrás

      clyde the frick whoop

  • Carter Nichols
    Carter Nichols Anos atrás +2

    From a nostalgia standpoint I like all four of these songs but for some reason I like this one the most. The music sounds really good

  • ThatScottster24
    ThatScottster24 Anos atrás +1

    This one is my absolute fav of the four, I wish he would bring it back!

  • Doomguy
    Doomguy Anos atrás +17

    2:07 thats where nostalgia starts

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon 2 anos atrás +1

    The guy on the boat is honestly giving me Windwaker vibes, and that is amazing. This was beauty

  • NinjaCharlieT
    NinjaCharlieT 7 anos atrás +74

    That's amazing! :O Great job to everyone involved! :D

  • Joker
    Joker Anos atrás +2

    So I recently stumbled back on to this song after all these years... and now, I have a car and drive. You guys best believe I've been cranking this shit to 11, well actually the volume goes up to 30, and with the windows down, open road. It feels just perfect.

  • Giga Chad
    Giga Chad 10 meses atrás +5

    It feels great to be in one of the Nostalgia Era

  • SpaceX 69
    SpaceX 69 Anos atrás +6

    Watching this now brings tears to my eyes. The Nostalgia.

  • Glitchgame
    Glitchgame Anos atrás +3

    I don’t care how old this is, it’s still a vibe

  • Insomnia
    Insomnia 3 anos atrás +5262

    “I wish I could dig straight down”
    Wait, that’s illegal

    • The11boom
      The11boom Anos atrás

      Me who dug straight down yesterday and survived: Do Do Do

    • Cabbage Lover
      Cabbage Lover Anos atrás

      haha funi komedy laugh guys

    • Yowenn Alcachupas
      Yowenn Alcachupas 2 anos atrás

      @MsTeechar r/yeswehaveredditsowhat

    • Cleremy Jarkson
      Cleremy Jarkson 2 anos atrás +1

      Mr insomnia you ruined the mood and made me spat my $50 water

    • NotSkitten
      NotSkitten 2 anos atrás +1

      Speedrunners: im gunna stop you right there

  • ThatGuy777
    ThatGuy777 4 meses atrás +2

    I never noticed how the area from the original song still has the same textures! Whereas the rest of the places have the regular default textures. Attention to detail.
    Man, the good ol' texture pack days.

  • Enchanted Shears
    Enchanted Shears 9 meses atrás +4

    Still coming back to celebrate this masterpiece that *made* my childhood

  • Milkra
    Milkra 11 meses atrás +1

    I still can’t believe how important the fallen kingdom series is to the minecraft fanbase and internet culture as a whole

  • Gilbert
    Gilbert 10 meses atrás +2

    Going on a nostalgia trip with these videos but I just admit this is my favorite

  • Rachel T
    Rachel T 2 anos atrás +3313

    Was rewatching for nostalgia and idk if I'm just an idiot and everyone already knew this but I realized something
    At 2:43 there are 3 thrones, 2 of which are occupied by the pig and wither kings respectively. The 3rd is empty, and the only other person in this storyline who would fit the role of a 3rd Nether king would be Herobrine, but Herobrine died in Take Back the Night, obviously leaving his throne empty. This gives an actual motivation for the pig race invading; they want to get revenge for their fallen leader. In this essay I will

    • Conreki
      Conreki 4 meses atrás

      Wait… so Herobrine died? That is… impossible. That kid from Take back the night is god! He killed Herobrine

    • Connor Cregan
      Connor Cregan 5 meses atrás +2

      I think an invasion was always on their mind, or at least on Herobrine's mind as it is revealed the he attacked the kingdom to go to the end either to kill the dragon or to tame it for himself therefore preventing the humans from using it against them when/if they were to invade.

    • Igor Animations
      Igor Animations 5 meses atrás +1

      @e3210 If he were to float then he wouldn't need a chair, idiot.

    • OilyAlarm061
      OilyAlarm061 8 meses atrás


    • KingMonsterEly
      KingMonsterEly 8 meses atrás +1

      Great observation!

  • The Imposter
    The Imposter Anos atrás +17

    Legend says that that the horse would still be waiting for him

  • CheeseNuggetzz
    CheeseNuggetzz Anos atrás +3

    I was rewatching this and even though I've seen it before there was something that I never understood until now
    I was always confused why he went to those 2 villagers before going to the librarian and now I understand that those are the 3 adventures who found him all those years ago

  • nnoiF
    nnoiF Anos atrás +4

    Ah the nostalgia, who else remembers when this first came out?

  • Josh
    Josh Anos atrás +9

    We have randomly returned to this masterpiece, see you in 5 years when we come back again

  • Orionjustmelted
    Orionjustmelted 3 anos atrás +334

    People need to give more credit to Slamacow for these GODTIER animations and TryHardNinja for these STELLAR songs. I love cpt sparkles but everyone loses sight that these two guys do most of the front running

    • GirlWithGod
      GirlWithGod 2 anos atrás

      @Orionjustmelted Lol

    • GirlWithGod
      GirlWithGod 2 anos atrás

      IKR LOL

    • Hank Anderson
      Hank Anderson 2 anos atrás

      Orionjustmelted everyone loves Slamacow and TryHardNinja even if they don’t realize it lol.

    • BenVyt
      BenVyt 2 anos atrás

      @Orionjustmelted tryhardninja wrote EVERYTHING. WHOLE FOUR

    • Dash Harmsen
      Dash Harmsen 2 anos atrás

      Silver369 he doesn’t

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell Anos atrás +3

    This is a marker of our beginnings and the downfall. I hope our legacy last forever.

  • Ki D. Kurogami
    Ki D. Kurogami Anos atrás +3

    "Nostalgic memories cant be replaced, but it can slowly faded away. Dont worry, it can also be placed together in pieces"
    -my friend before we left each other for a long time

  • Mage v2
    Mage v2 Anos atrás +2

    I just feel like everyone as just stop watching the Captain, I have been watching him for years and just seeing the views drop just isn’t right, he’s worked so hard to get to where he is at. He is very humble and talented. He posts multiple videos and streams multiple times a day while nowadays you got people posting like one video every 2 weeks getting like millions per video I under like 3 days. The Captain should get more recognition especially nowadays when all other Minecraft BRclip quit The Captain just kept grinding. Who Agrees?

  • Don’t watch my videos you’ll regret it

    Captain sparkles literally made my childhood

  • Eli Bartlett
    Eli Bartlett 2 anos atrás +1013

    Captainsparklez: Comes up with more-alive pigmen, mansions for them to live in, and overworld spawning nether portals
    Mojang: This is some serious gourmet shit

    • NeonRahkshi
      NeonRahkshi 12 dias atrás

      @lizardlord pistons were originally a mod, way back when, although with much more function (and i think made of quartz?)

    • lizardlord
      lizardlord 13 dias atrás

      @NeonRahkshi two words
      Vanilla minecraft

    • True Wizardry
      True Wizardry 3 meses atrás +3

      Now, with their newest venture, they're even doing piglins invading the overworld. When will it end?!?! In all seriousness, the groundwork of this sort of storytelling was there, so for multiple people to come up with these ideas isn't that far of a stretch.

    • T teg egg
      T teg egg 10 meses atrás +3

      @Gamer where the mechs at yo

    • Gamer
      Gamer Anos atrás +3

      no this is from a dif video

  • HaiseHakiPlays
    HaiseHakiPlays 5 meses atrás +1

    The moral of this story is no matter how much you fall even if you're kingdom has fallen, as long as you're still alive with the will to go on, set your heart ablaze

  • Chasedownall
    Chasedownall Anos atrás +7

    I just realized that the Fallen Kingdom uses a texture pack but the rest of the world doesn't. Interesting detail.

  • Xeno
    Xeno Anos atrás +14

    One man said “we didn’t realize we where making memories, we just knew we where making fun.” to this day I still remember screaming when I found diamonds, making portals out of different ores. Believing into these fake poorly edited videos but little did I know that made my childhood way better.

    • The11boom
      The11boom Anos atrás +1

      I still scream when I find diamonds.
      When I actually play minecraft.
      Mainly with my friend now.

  • TinyPluToVODS
    TinyPluToVODS 3 meses atrás

    every now and then i feel a strong need to listen to the entire fallen kingdom series

  • Red Pyro
    Red Pyro 7 anos atrás +505

    Is anyone else surprised that a youtuber can make a way better song than the more pop-culture artists who are paid to make great songs to release them to the public and make profit?
    Yeah... me neither.

  • TheAcolytesRen
    TheAcolytesRen Anos atrás

    The lyrics in this song cannot be replicated with the same feeling.
    "Faces, echo with no names"
    The line isn't appreciated enough.

  • 32maze
    32maze 8 meses atrás

    Still a masterpiece after 4 years

  • dazzlingshadowkaid 1
    dazzlingshadowkaid 1 Anos atrás +5

    This song is so amazing. I'm gonna just get more nostalgia. Dont mind me

  • N.T Studios
    N.T Studios Anos atrás +10

    “I wish I could dig straight down” it’s such a pure Minecraft text

  • Emre 551
    Emre 551 2 anos atrás +4957

    The King removes eye of ender from enderportal;
    Minecraft players: Wait, that's illegal

  • Sir monke
    Sir monke 2 anos atrás +10

    I like how all of the songs story’s line up

  • SketchAndStuff
    SketchAndStuff 6 meses atrás +3

    Little did we all know, the missing piece was right here all along

  • Chris Needs Bread
    Chris Needs Bread 2 meses atrás +2

    Nobody talking about how amazing the lyrics are for what it’s supposed to be?

  • SpiritSlayer
    SpiritSlayer Anos atrás +5

    I’m so glad I grew up with this song!! :D

  • MeddleMedley
    MeddleMedley 3 anos atrás +4957

    *move their arms in the animation*
    *Wait. That’s illegal.*

    • Duy Anh
      Duy Anh 8 meses atrás

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    • RalphJeremy65
      RalphJeremy65 3 anos atrás

      That's Slamacow+DigBuildLive for ya.

    • Magic ChaosWolf
      Magic ChaosWolf 3 anos atrás

      Rajas A that’s a vindicator

    • Dan Gaspar
      Dan Gaspar 3 anos atrás

      Notch: I allow it.
      Its because its epic...i hope u get it idk

    • Aika
      Aika 3 anos atrás

      You stole this comment from “take back the night”

  • H20SkyGirl
    H20SkyGirl 6 meses atrás +2

    the ending still gives me goosebumps

  • I will send you to Back Room

    I remember when this one came out. Saw it 2 days after it was released. Remember it vividly.

  • Drift Prime
    Drift Prime Anos atrás +1

    I wonder what this would look like if someone were to update the animation to today’s animations

  • ItsTrick
    ItsTrick 2 anos atrás

    I think I should give a ton of props to the builders. Like hell the nether area looks so amazing, and it really gives off a good atmosphere. With the darker lighting, nether bricks, the eyes symbolizing that the Pigmen are watching the humans' every move. And the industrial machines creating weapons, and the lake of gold just add such amazing aesthetic to the build overall. Great job builders!

  • Katie Urbahn
    Katie Urbahn Anos atrás

    A moment of respect for the animator

  • Kairu O' Mefutaku
    Kairu O' Mefutaku Mês atrás

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  • your neighbour
    your neighbour 10 meses atrás +1

    after watching this, i wanted to build my own giant ship, but i never did. nostalgia hits ;)

  • Dzaky Naufal
    Dzaky Naufal Anos atrás

    Just like they said "Legends never die!"

  • Dimetrodon 32
    Dimetrodon 32 3 anos atrás +870

    After Minecon Live today, I have reason to believe that CaptainSparklez is a time-traveller.

    • ThiccFurryBoi69
      ThiccFurryBoi69 Anos atrás

      @Koen Verhagen nah they just saw it as a cool idea and either copied this or it was their own idea and made one for themselves but saw this and didn’t want to get blamed for plagiarism and said they thought it first

    • CallMeDX
      CallMeDX Anos atrás

      Same here! He predicted PIGLINS!!

    • Koen Verhagen
      Koen Verhagen 2 anos atrás

      He predicted nether update, piglins, village and pillage, lanterns, netherite armor, big ass nether portals and all that stuff

    • Carolina Vera Powalski
      Carolina Vera Powalski 2 anos atrás

      700th like!

    • Blocky_Luke
      Blocky_Luke 2 anos atrás

      Wow yes

  • Lilhedgehog 857
    Lilhedgehog 857 6 meses atrás

    Beautiful song and animation how hard is it to animate I hope one day I can animate something as beautiful as this and other beautiful “pieces” of art and not just in Minecraft.

  • LRD J.J.
    LRD J.J. Anos atrás +2

    This Made Me So Sad And Happy At The Same Time I Miss BRclip Videos like This Instead Of The Current Videos

  • erjurc
    erjurc Anos atrás

    I'm here after 6 years. It's still beautiful

  • Hikaru
    Hikaru 5 meses atrás +1

    Zombie Pigmen coming from the nether with their own big portal and ships and everything invading villages is actually a pretty sick idea. As well as defeating the Zombie Pigmen King as part of the Minecraft Lore / optional storyline you can follow

  • ohyeah
    ohyeah 3 anos atrás +3823

    CaptainSparklez: creates a pigmen kingdom in the nether.
    Mojang: almost five years later “Piglins!”

    • lil5inches
      lil5inches Anos atrás

      Wait, please don’t tell me piglins were added 1 year ago

    • Jonaquim Augusto
      Jonaquim Augusto Anos atrás

      @SoloStrings Make sense that, his videos get milions of views

    • CallMeDX
      CallMeDX Anos atrás

      CaptainSparklez predicted the piglins!

    • Cheeky Kids
      Cheeky Kids 2 anos atrás

      I know

    • SoloStrings
      SoloStrings 2 anos atrás +1

      No, it’s that Mojave uses ideas from the community. CaptainSparklez is a huge part of the Minecraft community so they’re honoring him by using his ideas.

  • Soviet_Salsa
    Soviet_Salsa Mês atrás

    Its so interesting how these creators turned a pretty basic mob into an entire industrialized society years before mojang even thought about it.

  • raneekS
    raneekS Anos atrás +4

    I mean I was watching this as a little kid (then I was 10 or 11) this
    year I will turn 17 and wow this songs are part of my childhood
    unforgettable and I am proud that I can say I was part of that great and
    big comunity that palyed big theme in history of gaming

  • Pistol M - Micro builds on BABFT

    This song never gets old

  • Marge Calac
    Marge Calac Anos atrás

    I got to play this for my class today on piano and there was only one person that knew the song and CaptainSparklez. I am not sure if I should be happy or disappointed.

  • Young Stann
    Young Stann 2 anos atrás +582

    The piglin castle is how everyone imagined bastions.

    • Tunjay Abdullayev
      Tunjay Abdullayev 2 meses atrás

      @Outbreak Perfected or just a zombie infection but yes ur right. It's shown in the game that zombie pigmen originated from piglins

    • Outbreak Perfected
      Outbreak Perfected 2 meses atrás

      @Tunjay Abdullayev zombie pigmen were what the piglins turned into after the big boom

    • DJdeadpig6934
      DJdeadpig6934 3 meses atrás

      @MOIST_SOUP ah yes, pigs are birds

    • Jonathan Hoffman
      Jonathan Hoffman Anos atrás

      The bastions are bastion remnants…the full bastion is in the video

    • Tunjay Abdullayev
      Tunjay Abdullayev Anos atrás

      @MOIST_SOUP piglins r better than pigmen

  • Khairi Gaming
    Khairi Gaming 8 meses atrás

    6 years and still a god tier song