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Minecraft: Hunger Games Survival w/ CaptainSparklez - THAT Guy

  • Publicado em 5 Jun 2013
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Comentários • 9 250

  • Alexander Politis
    Alexander Politis 6 anos atrás +230

    The nostalgia...

  • K.J. Robertson
    K.J. Robertson 6 anos atrás +119

    I don't understand. Jordan your health was at 5 hearts when he "killed" you.

  • krunksaus
    krunksaus 8 anos atrás +48

    At 16:36, at the corner of the screen, you could see a tiny ender pearl flying through the sky.

    • I'mTheReverse
      I'mTheReverse 2 meses atrás

      Idk how y’all can’t see that it was so obvious

    • Eddiefying
      Eddiefying 2 anos atrás

      Imossum Ossumsauce can’t even see it lol

    • 2sss
      2sss 7 anos atrás

      OMG you have a good eye

    • Leo Eberman
      Leo Eberman 7 anos atrás +1

      U can

    • Grace Holden
      Grace Holden 7 anos atrás +1

      Dang how could you see that.

  • Worlds blocky game
    Worlds blocky game 8 anos atrás +29

    Minecraft Hunger Games are already looking better and more intense than movie version!!

  • maya davis
    maya davis 5 anos atrás +27

    I remember the times when the swords used to stack....the good ole' days

  • Moonguukies
    Moonguukies Anos atrás +3

    This was my FIRST ever introduction to Minecraft and Captainsparklez. My first ever childhood youtuber who I actually still love and watch 7 years later. :')

  • Courtney Reeves
    Courtney Reeves 7 anos atrás +58

    How on earth did he die? He had five and a half hearts left!

  • Pekzil
    Pekzil 3 anos atrás +76

    2019 the fricking nostalgia ;(

  • King Potato
    King Potato 2 anos atrás +3

    It’s been 7 years. Wow. I was 9 years old when i first ever watched this. I get teary eyed just thinking about the glory days of Minecraft youtube. Captainsparklez, skydoesminecraft, asfjerome, Stampy, dantdm. It’s crazy how long ago it’s been.

  • Snark10
    Snark10 8 anos atrás +42

    "I don't want to be that guy"

  • JTO Sports
    JTO Sports Anos atrás +6

    My fav Minecraft vid of all time, I can quote half of it bc I’ve watched it so many times throughout the years

    • JTO Sports
      JTO Sports 4 meses atrás

      Hey Jto from the passed!

  • Orion M
    Orion M 6 anos atrás +26

    With the chest floating in the pit you could've jumped in and grabbed it then ender pearled out xD

  • samtherat6
    samtherat6 3 anos atrás +8

    5 years late, but he should've combined those two swords in his inventory and re-enchanted.

  • zxcharilla
    zxcharilla 3 anos atrás +13

    I remember I used to watch every single one of these 😂

  • Aaron Anaya
    Aaron Anaya Anos atrás +2

    Used to watch these everyday in class when I was bored, graduated class of 2021 holy frick where did the time go😂

  • Canadian Bacon
    Canadian Bacon 6 anos atrás +1

    No idea how jordan went from 5 1/2 hearts to 0 in one hit... GG hungergames

  • Smokeseer
    Smokeseer 2 anos atrás

    You gotta love CaptainSparklez!!
    He doesn’t swear like a lot of other BRcliprs, he’s strategic, and doesn’t burst into the game, guns blazing, like, “I’m a Minecraft GOD and I will eliminate you!”
    He plans his moves, and when he loses he gives credit to the victor’s abilities and loses well.
    He’s not THAT GUY.

  • Psychedelic Anxiety
    Psychedelic Anxiety Anos atrás

    Nostalgia off the charts ❤️

  • Snipershot527
    Snipershot527 8 anos atrás

    10:22 You're supposed to Ender Pearl on top of the chest. Or make shears, and build across with leaves.

  • Charlotte Cantrell
    Charlotte Cantrell 9 anos atrás

    This is the best I'm a huge fan I was at pax and I watched the modded survival and the Jerry one was hillarous

  • Cael's videos
    Cael's videos 8 anos atrás

    I love these hunger games videos

  • Glawsco
    Glawsco 3 anos atrás +1

    Remembering the good old days of My 7-9yr old self watching Minecraft hunger games

  • OneFourthThree
    OneFourthThree 3 meses atrás +1

    I remember watching these when I was in middle school…. Nostalgia to its max. Good times…

    • Hunter Sims
      Hunter Sims 3 meses atrás +2

      Same bro, life really was better

  • Ward De Ceukelaire
    Ward De Ceukelaire 8 anos atrás

    Loved it when you have found those iron swords

  • Superstrike_11
    Superstrike_11 5 anos atrás

    Ah...the good old days of mineplex hunger games

  • Matt
    Matt 4 anos atrás

    "I hate to be that guy" Ugh what a life I had. Watching this over 5 years ago. So different yet so great.

  • Nerdyy Turtle
    Nerdyy Turtle 8 anos atrás +1

    The part where the one dude they chase kills his self by trying to use an enderpearl 😂😂😁
    Couldn't stop laughing it just classic

  • Nate Soto
    Nate Soto 8 anos atrás

    This guy has played almost every minecraft map, wow

  • Brady Maher
    Brady Maher 2 anos atrás +5

    It’s 2020 and I’m crying. Because all I wanna do is go back to these days

  • DGR
    DGR Anos atrás

    Replaying my childhood...
    Gmod's: Done
    Solo HG: Done
    Now this

  • Ruben Lalo
    Ruben Lalo Anos atrás +1

    Watching this in 2021. Insane nostalgia!

  • Julia Hansen
    Julia Hansen 9 anos atrás

    captain, 80% of the time, if you choose level 1, you generally get sharpness 1 :)

  • Robert Clifford
    Robert Clifford 9 anos atrás

    in the barn, flip the levers that look like they r holding up the top floor and an enchanting table will pop up

  • Denise Aguirre
    Denise Aguirre 8 anos atrás

    I love the videos you guys make

  • Mc Theloco
    Mc Theloco 8 anos atrás +1

    Awesome video CaptainSparkles

  • Qisen
    Qisen 8 anos atrás

    Wow, enchant the sword level 1(always), and then enchant your armor(strongest of course)

    ENERGIZEDWOLF 7 anos atrás

    look at jordons health at the end... how did he do that much damage in one hit?

  • scott danforth
    scott danforth 9 anos atrás

    Awesome game sparkles!

  • DLOrcus
    DLOrcus 9 anos atrás

    You should use your crappy weapons first so you can save your iron swords for like the final 5 and that kind of stuff.

  • Brent Case
    Brent Case 8 anos atrás

    Dude I love how u play its awesome

  • HeyImJp
    HeyImJp 6 anos atrás

    My first ever Hunger Games episode and CaptainSparklez video I watched :^)

  • timothy keen
    timothy keen 8 anos atrás

    I think you are the best hunger games person out there I watched your whole series woohoo captain sparkles

  • Rack
    Rack 2 anos atrás

    Dude this was the first hunger games video I every watched and I still to this day like watch it every week

  • James Smith
    James Smith 8 anos atrás

    I like how captain sparklez is so calm and nice

  • None None
    None None 8 anos atrás

    You are awesome CaptainSparklez

  • Lukesbricks16
    Lukesbricks16 8 anos atrás

    Captain can you make minecraft hunger games videos more often please!!!

  • Dustin Rhodes
    Dustin Rhodes 8 anos atrás

    You are really good at hunger games I wish I could play against you

  • Isabele Risley
    Isabele Risley 8 anos atrás

    What an amazing video.

  • Kaylum Patel
    Kaylum Patel 8 anos atrás

    3 mil + views on a hunger game video! WOW! Thought that was impossible :D

  • Kaylum Patel
    Kaylum Patel 8 anos atrás

    3 mil + views on a hunger game video! WOW! Thought that was impossible :D

  • Jenna Stahley
    Jenna Stahley 8 anos atrás

    Love the videos plz make more

  • Abel Guerrero
    Abel Guerrero 9 anos atrás

    Jordan just can't hide his beautiful face under the helmet

  • Alex Glynn
    Alex Glynn 3 anos atrás +16

    Bouta cry man, it’s been soooo long

  • Tomoost Xiong
    Tomoost Xiong 9 anos atrás

    level 1 enchanting helps your chances of getting sharpness

  • Nonanyoumous
    Nonanyoumous 2 anos atrás

    Who else miss old hunger games🤤

  • Ramsey
    Ramsey 8 anos atrás

    I like how NFEN calls chests boxes lol

  • blcsseds
    blcsseds 9 anos atrás

    nice video! i really like your videos!! :)

  • Kari
    Kari 8 anos atrás

    You are awesome at hunger games

  • evil morty
    evil morty Anos atrás +1

    Is it weird that I want to see captainsparklez beating the crap out of dream

  • Jeroen B
    Jeroen B 7 anos atrás

    wow these guys really take this game serious :O

  • Garrett Pappano
    Garrett Pappano Anos atrás +1

    Anyone else just watching him in 2021 just to remember the old days when we would watch him all day 😭😭😔

  • Axis Gaming
    Axis Gaming 8 anos atrás

    there is a secret sewer when u go into the sewers by the woods. there are 3 chests in there by the way

  • KaiStormer
    KaiStormer 9 anos atrás

    CaptainSparklez has more subs than celebrities on youtube this guy rocks he is a pro

  • GreatFoal7484
    GreatFoal7484 8 anos atrás

    Enchantment lv.1 always gives you sharpness 1.

  • Marco Antonio Juarez
    Marco Antonio Juarez 8 anos atrás +3


    • Marco Diaz
      Marco Diaz 7 anos atrás

      +Marco Juarez hello fellow marco...

  • Sonny Butterworth
    Sonny Butterworth 8 anos atrás

    Sharpness will damage everything quicker

  • Just Some Guy with a Cigarette

    2020 Nostalgia
    Rewatching Everything
    Rip Minecraft you tubers
    Rip old Minecraft
    Doing the same with bajan Canadian and ASFJerome
    I’ll be back in a year boys and girls

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 7 anos atrás

    Lol that was a great round. I would hate to be THAT guy too. xD

  • David Ornelas
    David Ornelas 8 anos atrás +1

    Sigh, there's nothing like getting betrayed by your friends

  • Oak Grove High School Tiger Dude 5000

    Then: Minecraft Hunger Games.

  • Eddie Smith
    Eddie Smith 8 anos atrás

    If you do one level you usually always get sharpness 1

  • legobdr
    legobdr 4 anos atrás

    When Minecraft was at its peak in good game and in popularity

  • OhhKraazy
    OhhKraazy 9 anos atrás

    man you are so good at hungergames

  • Kevin Barahona
    Kevin Barahona 9 anos atrás

    Captian sparkeles ur the best ur like a legend

  • TheMightySqueeks
    TheMightySqueeks 8 anos atrás +19

    I have a friend who came into school screaming I KILLED CAPTAINSPARKLEZ

  • Justin Carlock
    Justin Carlock 8 anos atrás

    My family loves that hunger games now

  • Paffel Puff
    Paffel Puff 8 anos atrás

    They should have ender-pearled on top of that chest.

  • liv haugen
    liv haugen 2 anos atrás

    The nostalgia omg

  • Julia H
    Julia H Anos atrás

    the nostalgia is real

  • MinecraftLover1312
    MinecraftLover1312 8 anos atrás +5

    6:59 I made that house ^^

    • June
      June 2 anos atrás

      more videos

  • PureMatrix
    PureMatrix 7 anos atrás

    Don't the mushroom stew give you instant health? If so why not use it?

    • joel larkin
      joel larkin 7 anos atrás

      the vid was uploded in 2013 and mushrom stew did not give you health till late early 2014

  • Gavin Guitar
    Gavin Guitar 8 anos atrás

    You could use a endear pearl to get out of the cobwebs

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard 8 anos atrás

    Congrats on 7 mil subs!

  • JaSpence Haze
    JaSpence Haze 8 anos atrás +1


  • Sebiwinner F
    Sebiwinner F 7 anos atrás +3

    I played on that with them

  • Dillon Page
    Dillon Page 9 anos atrás

    Love your videos

  • itok. yo
    itok. yo 5 anos atrás

    I miss the old hunger games lmao

  • Bam Gamming
    Bam Gamming 8 anos atrás

    Great video captain

  • Spencer Brotherton
    Spencer Brotherton 8 anos atrás

    At 23:44 there is another enchanted sword laying on the ground still.

  • ElDinko
    ElDinko 8 anos atrás +3

    when you enchant and want sharpness you need to do a level 1 enchant... - _ -

    • ElDinko
      ElDinko 7 anos atrás

      #grammarnazi lol

    • Demi 43V3R
      Demi 43V3R 7 anos atrás

      @Republic thunderstreak not *Leval*

    • Demi 43V3R
      Demi 43V3R 7 anos atrás

      @Republic thunderstreak *level* da fuq 😂

    • Danny Bee H
      Danny Bee H 8 anos atrás

      Yeah,it's true but level one you can get sharpness 1 and knock back one,its rare but i believe level 2 enchantments are the same as level one but cost an extra level?

    • ElDinko
      ElDinko 8 anos atrás

      @Republic thunderstreak you just have a higher chance of sharpness 1 with a level 1

  • MrPEMinecraft1
    MrPEMinecraft1 8 anos atrás

    Love your videos

  • Abrams Jean-Baptiste
    Abrams Jean-Baptiste 8 anos atrás

    You shouldve jumped into the spider webs and then ender pearled out.

  • fleetadmiralj
    fleetadmiralj 8 anos atrás

    lol first time watching a hunger games minecraft game, but the moment he got the enchanted bow and sharpness sword I was like "you're so dead" lol

  • Hana Sullivan
    Hana Sullivan 8 anos atrás

    This is cool good idea for the hunger games

  • Victoria Recio
    Victoria Recio 8 anos atrás +5

    why is a stone sword better than a gold sword ??

  • F F
    F F 9 anos atrás

    u shouldn't waste 2 levels for 1 enchantment - you could also enchant armor

  • Risen The Fallen
    Risen The Fallen 9 anos atrás

    hey CS...i dont know if this is helpful but next time u play this map check ON TOP of the barn..i think i saw a chest..its well hidden so there might be something gud in there

  • Bailey Girardot
    Bailey Girardot 9 anos atrás

    wow that was intense lol everybody that records always wins lol

  • Rose Chaney
    Rose Chaney 8 anos atrás +12


    • MeeKee
      MeeKee 3 anos atrás

      Same lol

    • Xyro
      Xyro 3 anos atrás +2

      Liking this comment from 5 years ago instills great joy within me.

  • chad riggs
    chad riggs 9 anos atrás

    The winner of the 75th annual hunger game is that other guy.