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An Impossible Challenge?! | RLCraft Hardcore Ep. 1

  • Publicado em 20 Jun 2022
  • In this series I've gotta survive the RLCraft Minecraft modpack in hardcore mode. It's seen some major updates since last time so it should be fresh and definitely really easy.
    RLCraft Hardcore Playlist: brclip.com/user/playlist?list...
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    Thanks for watching, dudes! Likes, shares, and feedback is always appreciated :)
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  • CaptainSparklez
    CaptainSparklez  3 meses atrás +9102

    Sorry I know it got a bit framey at parts. It was just in the recording and not the game itself so I didn't notice until after the episode was complete but I didn't want to reshoot and pretend it was the first go. It's fixed for the next episode. Dumb GPU.

  • Toadstar0
    Toadstar0 3 meses atrás +3492

    God i miss let's play style content like this. It's been years, words can't express how excited I am to watch this whole series!

  • Mexi
    Mexi 3 meses atrás +541

    Hey mr Sparkles this will probably be buried in the sea of comments but I do appreciate that you're returning back to this style of content. I've missed this from every creator who has changed their style. Its so refreshing even with the frame rate lowering its just nostalgic. Thank you

      ALL MIGHT 22 dias atrás


    • the end of the start
      the end of the start 2 meses atrás +1

      are you and etho enjoyer?

    • Dylan Connors
      Dylan Connors 2 meses atrás +4

      he has is 2nd channel i mean yeah its hour long uncut basically but he still does them

    • Gabi Cat
      Gabi Cat 2 meses atrás +10

      replying so hopefully this makes it less-lost in the sea of comments. I agree

  • Caleb Blazek
    Caleb Blazek 3 meses atrás +180

    A couple tips for playing RLcraft:
    1: you can make a wood/stone shield, very useful to prevent headshots from skeletons
    2: Do not use vanilla weapons, instead craft things from the Spartan Weaponry mod as they are almost always better. Personally I prefer a saber (2x damage on mobs that are not wearing a chestplate so pretty much everything). Alternatively, you can go for a halberd or battleaxe but choose what fits your playstyle.
    3: Sleeping regenerates health on all body parts so if you are hurt that is a way to heal without bandages.

    • Flagwashere
      Flagwashere 10 dias atrás +1

      @Nick Reaper no need to be rude goddamn

    • Im_Bad_At_Game
      Im_Bad_At_Game Mês atrás +1

      hey man thanks for the tips I was thinking of playing rlc and they will be very helpful

    • Tomáš Musil
      Tomáš Musil Mês atrás +4

      What a nice tips and tricks comment. People usually post lists of 50 "basic" things under RLC videos, but you just posted the three immediately needed ones. nice

    • Nick Reaper
      Nick Reaper Mês atrás +1

      Don't worry he knows this shit way better than you do

    • blahblahwgaf
      blahblahwgaf 2 meses atrás +2

      sabers got uber nerfed in 2.9, to the point where a vanilla sword might end up being better. depends on situation i guess

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly 3 meses atrás +313

    Hey Jordan, the Geo guys that pop out are best to attack with a pickaxe, it does way for damage for them specifically

    • Yash Joseph
      Yash Joseph 29 dias atrás +1

      I think Jardon did do that with the Geo guys in his previous playthrough with Xeen but forgot about it.

    • Donnyron
      Donnyron Mês atrás +1

      @Mr__Toasty__Buns I recall that being misinformation a while back. Perhaps there was a mod or something that added it, but as far as I remember, it was never a feature.

    • Mr__Toasty__Buns
      Mr__Toasty__Buns 2 meses atrás +1

      @Nicholas S Interesting. I could have sworn they did more damage to iron golems. Either my memory is wrong or it may have been an earlier version. Now I'm not sure lol. Thanks for doing the research though, it's appreciated.

    • Nicholas S
      Nicholas S 2 meses atrás +3

      So, it would appear, at least in my testing, that pickaxes do no more damage than they usually would when used against iron golems. This was what I expected when going into it, because if pickaxes dealt more damage than swords of the same material, it is not unlikely that pickaxes would be used by speedrunners to kill iron golems.

    • Nicholas S
      Nicholas S 2 meses atrás +4

      @Mr__Toasty__Buns I just tested it myself in 1.19 vanilla on Minecraft: Java Edition. I constructed four iron golems and immediately killed each with a stone pickaxe, stone sword, diamond pickaxe, and diamond sword, respectively.
      The stone pickaxe took 34 full swings to kill the golem. Golems have 100 hp and stone pickaxes deal 3 damage, so this was the expected result.
      The stone sword and diamond pickaxe both took 20 full swings to kill their golem. Each of these tools deals 5 damage, so this was the expected result.
      The diamond sword took 15 full swings to kill the golem. This weapon deals 7 damage, so this was, again, the expected result.

  • Julia Anna
    Julia Anna 3 meses atrás +365

    I’m literally sooo excited for this series. Rediscovered this channel after watching the video about the BRclip algorithm and this type of content is so refreshing. I love that this just feels real and not like the hyperactive kids letsplays that have become popular recently.

    • Ncki Baric
      Ncki Baric 2 meses atrás

      lol thats exataly how i refound him

    • Dana s
      Dana s 2 meses atrás

      same !!

    • Surprisingly Salty
      Surprisingly Salty 3 meses atrás +2


    • Leo Jordan
      Leo Jordan 3 meses atrás +1

      so true

  • Andon Jenkins
    Andon Jenkins 3 meses atrás +101

    CaptainSparklez I watched you as a child and I can’t explain the nostalgia I’m getting right now. Keep it up man

  • GaleArch
    GaleArch 3 meses atrás +48

    This is a big first step for the entire Minecraft community, I hope others will do as Jordan here and come back to their roots

    • Crazy Beatrice
      Crazy Beatrice 3 meses atrás +9

      More like retreading old ground then a big first step.

  • halo gaming
    halo gaming 3 meses atrás +46

    the framey bits make it more authentic and nostalgic honestly, i love it.

  • Susan Cotton
    Susan Cotton 3 meses atrás +36

    Much as I enjoy watching you play competitively (and I really do enjoy it), your Let's Play style videos are what got me hooked on BRclip. I've missed them Captain. Sooooooo happy to see you relaxed and enjoying yourself. I can tell these are going to be such fun to watch! P.S. I've been watching since Jerry's Tree. :)

  • Bionic
    Bionic 3 meses atrás +1926

    it's pretty cool the fact that you genuinely enjoy playing the game after playing for these 10+ years. Excited to see where you take the series and the new channel changes :D

    • Josh
      Josh 2 meses atrás

      @Sadflix you're able to compile a modpack of mods. Not just one. And with most mods you're able to turn off certain aspects that they introduce. Which most modpack makers do to relate more to the modpack they're making. You can have hundreds of mods in a modpack, which makes it a completely different game. Such as mine shafts and Monsters or pixelmon. Yeah you can get pixelmon on bedrock but that's literally a handful of characters vs hundreds and way more things to do in the Java version

    • Sadflix
      Sadflix 2 meses atrás

      @Josh I personally like vanilla more because most mods just have ONE thing I like and 100000 useless things I just don’t care about

    • rbbl
      rbbl 3 meses atrás +1

      It would be genuinely cool if your heart combusted and stopped beating forever

    • XCcuber
      XCcuber 3 meses atrás


    • joe
      joe 3 meses atrás +1

      @First Last agreed

  • Snazzle
    Snazzle 3 meses atrás +14

    There's something about the old school style which I'll just never forget, love this

  • Nidal Flame
    Nidal Flame 3 meses atrás +10

    You can store your Hats in a hat menu so they wont take inventory space, also there is a special hat slot so they dont use your armor slot :)

  • Drew Bishop
    Drew Bishop 2 meses atrás +3

    This feels like seeing an old friend again, gonna watch all of these

  • Creedexa
    Creedexa 3 meses atrás +8

    Im so glad RLCraft is back, it was such a fun series to watch when it first came out.

  • Shivaxi
    Shivaxi 3 meses atrás +1827

    I love this! Super cool to see you getting into this again! Glad you're enjoying the new updates, which of course we definitely made 69420% easier in 2.9 so don't worry, hardcore ez pz :) For real though, 2 years of work and a 30+ page changelog, there's a LOT of new stuff to discover and I hope you have a blast man :)

    • NSA
      NSA 2 meses atrás +1

      Now make the boatbench a real thing!

    • Tony The Great
      Tony The Great 2 meses atrás +1

      RLCraft 3.0 comes when? We need the vanilla animals to be revamped

    • Modestsky
      Modestsky 3 meses atrás

      Yo, I’m a fan of your RLCraft modpack. Thanks for the good times

    • Sean Andrews
      Sean Andrews 3 meses atrás

      I like men. You are a man.

    • Cooper stephens
      Cooper stephens 3 meses atrás

      hello shiv funny to see you here lol im in VOP's server

  • froggypensive
    froggypensive 3 meses atrás +2

    This whole video feels super nostalgic, didn't realize how much I missed lets play content like this. Really loving it so far, excited for the next one!

  • Aaron Alkor
    Aaron Alkor 3 meses atrás +6

    “Who am I if not up for a challenge?”
    This ain’t gonna be a challenge, Jordan. This is gonna be pure torture!

  • chitus minecraft adventure $
    chitus minecraft adventure $ 3 meses atrás +4

    This is such an amazing feeling - to see this style of content back on the main channel! Also, this first episode got me sitting at the edge of my chair x'D I really thought you'd have died. I can't wait to see the next episode! This is so cool and awesome to see you back at this c: Keep it up, Captain!

  • Miles YEET
    Miles YEET 3 meses atrás +6

    I'm so glad to see this starting... I've been waiting since your last video, and everyone is excited. We all feel the nostalgia!

  • JamAttack
    JamAttack 3 meses atrás +293

    I thoroughly enjoyed all 12 frames of this video

    • Highlandword9
      Highlandword9 3 meses atrás +2

      @TheNamesSnek yeah, but laggy game would still have laggy recording, even though the recording would not be the problem.
      He says he has it fixed anyway so hopefully all will be fine

    • TheNamesSnek
      TheNamesSnek 3 meses atrás +2

      @Highlandword9 he could fix it by raising obs's priority in settings but that might lag the game more

    • Tri Dinh
      Tri Dinh 3 meses atrás


    • Highlandword9
      Highlandword9 3 meses atrás +46

      The recording messed up, it happens when your GPU gets overloaded, the game is still rendered correctly so he didn't notice until he watched the footage

    • Razer Sharp
      Razer Sharp 3 meses atrás +3

      is that an editing issue? or is it a youtube issue? im just wondering that if I watch it later if it will be better?

  • Davy
    Davy 3 meses atrás +14

    I was originally sceptical about watching a “playthrough” but right now I’m loving this. Good work Capin’!

  • Chubby Punk
    Chubby Punk 3 meses atrás +1

    Cap's reaction to the animation was very cute. And then RLCraft happened saying "that's enough happiness, time to summon nightmares of death!!"

  • Luca Thompson
    Luca Thompson 2 meses atrás +2

    My god I missed this style of content. I am so appreciative of a return to it.

  • Reuben Basey
    Reuben Basey 3 meses atrás +12

    i personally enjoy the longer, less edited videos like this. i am going to love this series keep it up!

  • Midnight Rein
    Midnight Rein 3 meses atrás +203

    You definitely seem a LOT more comfortable and at-home in this type of content already!
    Glad you're back, glad to be back. Can't wait to see where this series goes!

    • Struikbeheerder
      Struikbeheerder 3 meses atrás +3

      Wholeheartedly agree on this! I'm so glad he's taking the leap to making the content he wants to make, rather than what he thinks he ought to make just to please the ever mysterious BRclip algorithm. Can't wait to see more of this series either!

  • Memory
    Memory 3 meses atrás

    Looking forward to this series, thank you for returning to this type of content Jordan ❤

  • yayamiko
    yayamiko 3 meses atrás

    thank you so much for bringing this back jordan, i used to love watching your lets play videos when i was younger and its really nice to see you come back to them. enjoyed the video as always :)

  • Ella _
    Ella _ 3 meses atrás

    I just rewatched stoneblock survival and remembered how much I love your let's plays! So excited to watch along as the series goes!❤️

  • Gunniz
    Gunniz 3 meses atrás +4

    I don’t know much about rlcraft so im really happy you’re playing this way even though you did a series a few years ago

    MARCUSK 3 meses atrás +764

    Very excited for a classic authentic Minecraft series :) breath of fresh air

  • Teh _Nooble
    Teh _Nooble 3 meses atrás

    Thanks for the content, Jordan! Looking forward to the next episode.

  • Mysti Kade
    Mysti Kade 3 meses atrás

    I'm so excited to follow along with a new series like this! Great first Ep!

  • Sora_itami
    Sora_itami 3 meses atrás

    Happy you’re doing these videos again captain missed them so much I hope these do well!

  • TheHahapotatoes
    TheHahapotatoes 3 meses atrás

    Excited to see more of this :D kept me on my toes during the more stressful parts and I think you can use your pickaxe on the geodudes for more attack damage (not super positive but thought was the case)
    Hope you can make it and good luck

  • Pick el
    Pick el 3 meses atrás

    Really excited for the next episode, can’t wait for the smooth gameplay 😂❤️

  • DarkLightBlue
    DarkLightBlue 3 meses atrás

    Thank you so much for doing this I haven't watched in a while and this makes me come back, you're the best Sparklez you were most of my childhood I'm 20 now haha

  • Jessie101
    Jessie101 3 meses atrás

    I really love this style of RLcraft hardcore lets play. Thank you so much for making videos that you actually like to make. It’s amazing ☺️💗
    I watched the whole ep btw! You are doing amazing!!

  • Rain song
    Rain song 2 meses atrás

    For the first time in a long time, I've actually enjoyed watching you play Minecraft. You were right, this is the best version of your old content and I'm here for it. Thank you for being you.

  • Pro Zythos
    Pro Zythos 3 meses atrás +338

    Damn Ive forgotten how relaxing your voice can be to listen to in the background while I get work done. Also, perfect length of video for this return to series format.

    • eliostar
      eliostar 3 meses atrás +2

      i was just thinking that, his voice is really nice

    • MINECRAFTYnow37
      MINECRAFTYnow37 3 meses atrás +8

      I almost fall asleep to him talking every time. It's not that it's not entertaining it very much is, I love his content as well and I watch him on a daylie basis. I'm just usually tired too, but I think he calms me too.

  • Benjamin Lewis
    Benjamin Lewis 2 meses atrás

    I missed this so much! So happy for you and your new direction. I’ve been watching you for over a decade; crazy!

  • Sunn.ymusic
    Sunn.ymusic 3 meses atrás +1

    Can't wait for the next episode!! You seem truly happy and RlCraft brings back so many memories

  • Gabriel Ramos
    Gabriel Ramos 3 meses atrás

    Really good episode! I'm really glad LP series is back

  • TaterTot57
    TaterTot57 3 meses atrás

    I love this. Going back to the content I loved and subscribed for years ago. I respect your decision to go back to basics, Jordan. Can't wait to follow the journey from here!

  • phoodu
    phoodu 3 meses atrás +393

    brings back so many memories watching a video like this, hyped to watch the rest of this series!

  • FakePro
    FakePro 2 meses atrás

    This series is going to be awesome I'm so happy to see another singleplayer lets play like this

  • Mr Mangbro
    Mr Mangbro 3 meses atrás

    I'm so incredibly happy you are starting another solo series Jordan. Thank you this brings me back to 2012 :)

  • Daniel Huerta
    Daniel Huerta 3 meses atrás

    This is the type of content Ive been YEARNING for. I love it, cant wait for new episodes 😍

  • Harlton
    Harlton 2 meses atrás

    I just finished binge watching Ultra Modded Survival and I’m so happy he’s still doing these types of series. Keep doing you Jordan🤟🏼

  • Aria S.inger
    Aria S.inger 3 meses atrás +259

    Definitely a little more framey than I anticipated but it's ok, life happens. I never saw the original RLCraft so this is fun :)

    • ExertKarma
      ExertKarma 3 meses atrás

      i wouldnt call the stuttering "life happens" but i get your point

    • Shaine
      Shaine 3 meses atrás +2

      If you haven't seen the original RLCraft series definitely should watch it.

    • Lightning q267
      Lightning q267 3 meses atrás +1

      Same. I have no idea what's going on XD well I'm figuring it out as we go

    • JansenNCuber
      JansenNCuber 3 meses atrás +6

      The original rlcraft is a goated series, carried me through freshman year of hs

    • Em Mousseau
      Em Mousseau 3 meses atrás +37

      he said it was a recording issue and will be fixed for the next episode (:

  • Ronniepop
    Ronniepop 3 meses atrás

    seeing this in my recommended had me so excited LETS GO CAPTAIN!! ready to watch this series over and over this is awesome dont worry about the scuff it's still a banger episode!

  • ItsExoticChaos
    ItsExoticChaos 3 meses atrás

    I look forward to what I can only expect to be a short lived series with your plans. Keep up the good work Jordan

  • Celnocks _
    Celnocks _ 3 meses atrás

    so hyped for this series, i love the lets plays of interesting mods.

  • Keode
    Keode 3 meses atrás

    This was a really fun episode. Excited to see where the series goes from here

  • Propaganda Parker
    Propaganda Parker 3 meses atrás +72

    While I respect everything you've done to be promoted in the algorithm, watching a let's play by you in 2022 is such a nice return to form.
    Despite that, only make the content that you enjoy making. Whether it be let's plays like back in the day, or like the content you have been putting out more recently. Keep it up CaptainSparklez!

  • elisha dailey
    elisha dailey 3 meses atrás

    i’m so happy to see a let’s play again, not all edited up and stuff, just minecraft and no story line. love it

  • GreenMagnet001
    GreenMagnet001 3 meses atrás

    I love this series already, even though I'm fairly new to the channel (started watching in 2020), great video!👍👍

  • AlexKateCreates
    AlexKateCreates 3 meses atrás

    Cap, I literally started crying from all the memories RLCraft has with me. This is beautiful! Keep it up! You're amazing, and good for you for standing up against the algorithm!!!

  • Xaphan
    Xaphan 3 meses atrás

    This is such an amazing feeling - to see this style of content back on the main channel! Also, this first episode got me sitting at the edge of my chair x'D I really thought you'd have died. I can't wait to see the next episode! This is so cool and awesome to see you back at this c: Keep it up, Captain!

  • Derek Dillinger
    Derek Dillinger 3 meses atrás

    I'm so glad you're back to this type of content, I first started watching way back in the day around 2012 and you quickly became one of my top ytubers with your series. Since you're trying to get back to the old ways, how about a Jerry's tree for old time's sake?

  • Cara Mac
    Cara Mac 2 meses atrás

    I’m so excited for this series!! I know Jordan was worried about the video being too long, but honestly I’d watch him play RL craft for hours at a time!!!

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 meses atrás

    So excited to finally watch a let's play series for the first time in years. I've honestly missed it a lot.

  • CraftyKazzaH
    CraftyKazzaH 3 meses atrás

    Great episode Cap, looking forward to the next!

  • Lori Broadbent
    Lori Broadbent 3 meses atrás

    I love the solo series, enjoyed when you played before. Would also like to see a co-op series in hardcore with X33n, I miss the dynamic you both have.

  • Michelle Devine
    Michelle Devine 3 meses atrás

    I'm happy I found my way back to your channel in time for this series. 🙌

  • WuttaCoolUsername
    WuttaCoolUsername 3 meses atrás

    This is really great! Keep doing the content you enjoy making! 👌

  • Sam Lilly
    Sam Lilly 3 meses atrás

    So excited to see the Captain returning to a play-through series! 😄

  • Zezo✓
    Zezo✓ 3 meses atrás +149


    • AzStaryu51
      AzStaryu51 3 meses atrás


    • Defective Potato
      Defective Potato 3 meses atrás

      @Ghastiafy Naw, Crazy or Crazier craft is classic

    • Zezo✓
      Zezo✓ 3 meses atrás +5

      @Ghastiafy oh yes
      perfect ^^

    • Ghastiafy
      Ghastiafy 3 meses atrás +5

      And a classic one as well

  • Early Morning Coffee
    Early Morning Coffee 3 meses atrás

    Good to see the captain back to the good old days. Cant wait for more!

  • PastorVanNice
    PastorVanNice 3 meses atrás

    This series is great, please keep making it.

  • Zachary Fath
    Zachary Fath 3 meses atrás

    So flippin stoked for this! Takes me back. keep it up Capn’

  • Striker
    Striker 3 meses atrás

    Loving this content brings me back to my childhood! keep up the good work.

  • Deadlydwarf
    Deadlydwarf 3 meses atrás +140

    don't mind the stuttering at all. can't wait for more and lets hope yall keep watching after ep 3

    • Oathkeeper
      Oathkeeper 3 meses atrás +15

      @Cenfer It's been so long and Tucker still can't catch a break XD

    • Cenfer
      Cenfer 3 meses atrás +14

      Hopefully no one dies in episode 3

  • Vic Toria
    Vic Toria 2 meses atrás +1

    Theres something just so calming and enjoyable about this, even with the constant impending doom of RL craft. This entire playstyle, with simple edits that really youre enjoying the creator as themselves is so refreshing and nostalgic. I always love to come back to your videos, and not gonna lie I would kill to see an animation series done on this *wink, wink* lol regardless cant wait to see this series progress!

  • Gamer Prodigy10
    Gamer Prodigy10 3 meses atrás

    So hyped for this season. Glad to see series content on the main channel again cap

  • ChadLad
    ChadLad 3 meses atrás +1

    this is amazing. last time i watched you was trollcraft happy i rediscovered this! made my day thanks!

  • darkheart 2013
    darkheart 2013 Mês atrás

    I haven't really watched you in years. I've missed your old style. This is so nice to see. So glad you're back to you captain

  • Bananass
    Bananass 2 meses atrás

    This gives me so much nostalgia. I remember watching your hardcore let’s plays and always waiting for the next video.

  • Pinkydragon
    Pinkydragon 3 meses atrás

    Brings me back memories with X33n and the Captain playing this game. Very excited for this series.

  • Witty Warbler
    Witty Warbler 3 meses atrás

    Nice stuff, I really don't know the full extent of how RLCraft works but I'm excited to see how the series plays out :)

  • IcyFrog
    IcyFrog 3 meses atrás

    as much as i love this classic let's play style of videos, i'm always in a "dilemma" when it comes to youtube videos. i'll start watching one video then i'll want to watch other videos then my attention span kinda goes away to the point where i'll go and do something completely different

  • KeyanTheGreat
    KeyanTheGreat 3 meses atrás +156

    LET'S GOO!!! No matter what I know the captain is reliable with that quality content

  • Jake Bolley
    Jake Bolley 2 meses atrás

    God I've missed some classic sparklez style content. Keep it coming!

  • davdio
    davdio 3 meses atrás

    Looking forward to the rest of the series!

  • mika Cools
    mika Cools 3 meses atrás

    Nice to see a series again Sparkles! Wish you the best with the 2nd episode! May the series be long and entertaining!

  • Hyjonks Idk
    Hyjonks Idk 3 meses atrás +1

    Man, wish more people made content like this again. Truly, quality content.

  • Hollow Jamie
    Hollow Jamie 3 meses atrás +235

    This brings back so much nostalgia, fr- i love how you're doing what you love again, and you sound so much more cheerful ❤

  • Stormybird
    Stormybird 3 meses atrás +2

    I didn't think that I would be watching an Ep based Minecraft series for the rest of my life but its back and my life is now completed!

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles 2 meses atrás

    Going back to the old let’s play videos. Now this is my type of content! ❤️

  • TheCanadianShadow
    TheCanadianShadow 3 meses atrás

    I loved watching this. It took a few minutes but certainly saw sparkles get more comfortable and back into swings of this with this type of recording. can't wait for more

  • JaegerDreadful
    JaegerDreadful 3 meses atrás +2

    This is great Jardingle. Also love your own editing!

  • FastFIFO
    FastFIFO 3 meses atrás +229

    My god Jordan, I have been watching you for years and to finally see you come back to a let's play, I am so happy. Can't wait to see how it grows, but please enjoy what you do as well!

  • Ranger Roseworth
    Ranger Roseworth 3 meses atrás

    I love that youre going back to your roots with episodic content. Other people need to do this. I cant wait for part 2!

  • No Tell 2
    No Tell 2 3 meses atrás +1

    That was a lot of fun to watch! :D Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Dam Sone
    Dam Sone 3 meses atrás

    Man what a throwback from my childhood. I remember waiting for the next survival play through for years. Even though this kinda style of minecraft hasn’t been popular for a while, it brings back so much excitement and nostalgia for me. Can’t wait to see more episodes Captain

  • Puzzle Prime Time
    Puzzle Prime Time 3 meses atrás

    I'm an old fan coming back after I saw your "I'm done" video, just letting you know you be staying for this series, and even if you die I'd suggest keeping a backup or something so this challange can keep going because I really liked your RL craft videos

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    Jesse Trevena 3 meses atrás +118

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  • Kento
    Kento 3 meses atrás

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