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Yolo Mode | RLCraft Hardcore Ep. 10

  • Publicado em 5 Ago 2022
  • In this series I've gotta survive the RLCraft Minecraft modpack in hardcore mode.
    Watch Ep 9.5: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFQZR...
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    Thanks for watching, dudes! Likes, shares, and feedback is always appreciated :)
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  • CaptainSparklez
    CaptainSparklez  Mês atrás +97

    Hey everyone I should have done this yesterday when the video went up but if you wanna watch ep 9.5 here's a link: brclip.com/video/uFQZRh56Ed4/video.html

    • Adominem Core
      Adominem Core Mês atrás

      Jordan u left a crate at 31.18

    • Blooocki :3
      Blooocki :3 Mês atrás

      I don't know if you're gonna see this but you could try it on a way stone with a boat or horse first if they Port with ya

    • Simon Tracer
      Simon Tracer Mês atrás

      Are you aware of telegram you? Can't be really you

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment Mês atrás +1

      Thx 👍

  • Littledc11
    Littledc11 Mês atrás +670

    Jordan should probably learn that in RLCraft items cant be burned or exploded. Would definitely make him less terrified of dropping his weapons but its still funny

    • LynxPlayz
      LynxPlayz Mês atrás +1

      @GlitchReaper he knows, because he referenced "picking up chests like in RLCraft" in one of the Ragnamod episodes.

    • Oye Hoye
      Oye Hoye Mês atrás +1

      @GlitchReaper why what does carry on do

    • GlitchReaper
      GlitchReaper Mês atrás +4

      I'm just waiting for that beautiful moment when he realizes "Carry On" is in the pack!

    • bjboss 111
      bjboss 111 Mês atrás +2

      What about an ingot forged in hell VS one prickly boi

    • YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර
      YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර Mês atrás +2

      @-ValorWint71 yep, found that out the hard way when I kept looking for my bread that burned lol

  • Matt B
    Matt B Mês atrás +222

    I mentioned this before but you are able to take on dragons at this point, and I would highly recommend it because you'll need scales and bones to get upgrades to your armor, instead of spending more time improving the diamond gear.
    Keepeep the heart crystals still! They can be used to brew health boost potions which just add even more hp to your bar.
    If you find a flower forest make sure to mark it too, it can spawn pixies which drop something that can make potions of flight
    After you take on some dragons and get decent gear, if you want to get good enchants (and primarily mending/advanced mending) and don't end up finding a mending villager, going to the end is the best bet. The dragon isn't necessarily harder, there are some crazy mobs but they can be handled with good gear

    • Matt B
      Matt B Mês atrás +1

      @RubberTag this is more personal experience but after exploring multiple villages and structures in the overworld, I only found a couple mending books. In the end theres the end cities and the gear more commonly has mending on it, which can be disenchanted once you get the disenchanter. Which is an undertaking, but worth it

    • RubberTag
      RubberTag Mês atrás

      Why would it be better to get mending in the end? If I understand you correctly

  • F. Vorstermans
    F. Vorstermans Mês atrás +300

    hey Jordan if your armor or weapons gets to expensive to do at all try getting upgraded potentials it basically resets de xp you need to add an enchant or repair to your item.

    • James Wisdom
      James Wisdom Mês atrás

      Is this comment thread ascended beyond the 37th dimension of parallel irony or something? Because shit doesn't make sense about halfway through.

    • lorekeeper
      lorekeeper Mês atrás

      @Hashigawa Nuke Plays that makes two of us.

    • Hashigawa Nuke Plays
      Hashigawa Nuke Plays Mês atrás

      But in terms of context, you are wrong.

    • Timon Braun
      Timon Braun Mês atrás

      @lorekeeper My brother still lives in germany, and says pretty similar stuff. Outside of gaming terms no one has any real English language knowledge.

    • lorekeeper
      lorekeeper Mês atrás

      @Timon Braun the place I live, you would be lucky to have one dude who speaks poor English and ye it's fine just a misunderstanding

  • Wisky66
    Wisky66 Mês atrás +144

    Honestly love this series 😊 thanks jordan for not giving up on youtube through lockdown, grew up watching you and would love to keep watching you. But remember to take care of yourself and know we will always be here if u need a break ever

    • Imanomster
      Imanomster Mês atrás +1

      @Ethan Sistrunk yes but I am talking to you. This stuffs important to understand is all. Not just content creation. Content creator preservation even. Take a chill pill with the pls don't take this as an attack. Were all friends here.

    • Ethan Sistrunk
      Ethan Sistrunk Mês atrás

      @Crunchy true, no lies here, but for some being stuck at home all the time and having limited person to person contact is a dream come true especially if they love their job. Not saying the captain %100 is this way.

    • Ethan Sistrunk
      Ethan Sistrunk Mês atrás

      @Wisky66 ah, see he addressed this exact topic in a stream awhile ago, but your point is noted and appreciated although apparently hes beyond help now that hes “old” 😆

    • Ethan Sistrunk
      Ethan Sistrunk Mês atrás

      @Imanomster pls dont take this as an attack but I wasn’t talking to you.

    • Imanomster
      Imanomster Mês atrás +1

      @Ethan Sistrunk pls dont take this as an attack. Mental health is more important than content creating, people need breaks to keep themselves level or they might get worse and worse. Especially the pressure put on content creators to put videos out there constantly and now with the level of popularity they get nowadays its going to be hard to keep up sometimes and being stuck in your house for months on end can make people on edge and depressed. So thats one of the reasons why they give up making content even though the time may be right for their channel.

  • Junaid Raza
    Junaid Raza Mês atrás +169

    Loving the series so far! I love how even in hardcore you are playing no fear! Really love all the modpack series on your channel so super happy this one is still going!
    I got 5 things for you.
    1. Avian Saddle: You got really lucky with that troll spawn in the battletower. However, since one spawned there, more will also spawn in that battletower and you have the leather for the saddle but those same trolls also drop the Tusks you need! After that if you stumble upon a jungle or swamp, look for Ampitheres or Stymphalians for theirs feathers. After that you will be able to get any Avian mount! Hippogryphs aren't bad but of course no respawn, no teleport or dismissing just make them better in every way. I know you might already know this, but a good flying mount opens up another stage of the game entirely.
    2. Trading/Enchanting: I would recommend librarian trading because the enchantment table can only go so far, while librarians can trade ANY enchantment including advanced and supreme versions. If you want to do looting, village libraries commonly give mending and other strong enchnats. You can also find glass and sandstone structures commonly in the ocean ranging from terrible to godlike enchants. Dungeons are probably the least efficient methods to get enchants.
    3. Dragons: With full proc 4, you can easily beat a dragon. Using the nether wart from the dungeon to make fire res will nullify all fire attacks from dragons. After that, you could bring a notch apple if you feel like it but I with vampirism, you should be fine. Dragon armor and dragon weapons are really the best (excluding golem) so it's something to work towards.
    4. Sea Serpents: Sea Serpents are extremely strong in water but next to useless on land. If you even see a serpent close to land, you can often lure it on to said land and easily kill it with arrows and summons. Full Tide Gaurdian armor from sea serpent scales gives strength 4 in water. Combined with the below mentioned Stone of the Sea, the Ocean becomes a joke.
    5. Stone of the Sea: This bauble gives full water beathing and enhanced swimming. The swimming buff is like speed 2 underwater and also stakcs with underwater strider (not depth strider). The Stone of the Sea takes 4 glowing ingots, 4 prismarine shards and a neptunium ingot. The ingot comes from fishing and is only somewhat rare. Fishing is tedious though, so deal with that however you like. This bauble is a favorite of many players including me because it opens up the ocean. Underwater dungeons in particular can have insane loot like shulker boxes among other things so definitely think about it!

    • Albal156
      Albal156 Mês atrás +1

      Yeah then Captain goes and fishes up a Neptunium Ingot in the latest 10.5 Episode hahaha.

    • Alche
      Alche Mês atrás

      Didn't Captain already kill a Sea Serpent in one of the early episodes? Exactly the way you said, fighting it on land with arrows?

    • Michael
      Michael Mês atrás


    • Albal156
      Albal156 Mês atrás +2

      @HuffGLaDTem Stone of The Sea is great bauble especially with regard to how underwater Doomlike Dungeons can have Shulker Boxes. But it is harder to get now and Fishing is harder to get into than regular Minecraft which I think is a plus but it is still harder to get the materials to do it.

    • HuffGLaDTem
      HuffGLaDTem Mês atrás +7

      this is awesome advice. or atleast i assume it is as long as it’s all true since i haven’t played much rlcraft

  • PvP
    PvP Mês atrás +74

    Got me just as hooked on this series as my younger self had watching UMS, really capturing everything perfectly Jardon. :)

    • milk
      milk Mês atrás +1

      I sooo miss UMS

  • jtt823
    jtt823 Mês atrás +40

    This series is absolutely fantastic. It reminds me of the original survival series from all those years ago when I was just a kid and hadn’t even bought my own Minecraft account yet! I’m glad to see a return of episodic content, glad that it’s been successful so far, and glad you seem to be enjoying it too!

    • The Frontier
      The Frontier 21 dia atrás

      Always remember the cows

    • Reliztik
      Reliztik Mês atrás

      I feel you, I made my account back whenever it wasn’t owned by google (this account uses my decade old yahoo account LOL)
      The first few episodes were hard getting into- but I think it’s because now this content is so much different than what’s out there now. I’m enjoying this much more overall though

  • Anicrue
    Anicrue Mês atrás +38

    Always a good day when RLCraft comes out! Congrats on surviving 10 episodes!!!!

  • Sir Justin
    Sir Justin Mês atrás +28

    3 in a row!? Jordan you are seriously delivering, clearly you're having a lot of fun with this, which is perfect because this series slaps crazy hard!

  • Shivaxi
    Shivaxi Mês atrás +48

    Well I hate to do this to ya but, funny enough the nunchucks have been a topic up for debate on getting changed/worked for upcoming 2.9.2 patch haha.
    It's been brought up quite a bit that nunchucks are OP, and actually the whole being able to use them while having a shield raised was never intentional. So one change we're experimenting with is fixing that, making it so you won't be able to have spinning nunchucks anymore with a shield raised. I feel bad since that's sorta become a staple of nunchucks lol, but it really is the main breaking factor I think, and doesn't quite fit with the rest of the RLCraft arsenal. Only other options would be to nerf base damage or possibly fix some of the i-frame ignore it has (at least I think this is an issue with nunchucks, I don't remember at the moment).
    Anyway, enjoying the series as always and proud to see you make it so far, and in hardcore! On your first world! You're owning and it's great to see :)

  • Jentzen Rodriguez
    Jentzen Rodriguez Mês atrás +18

    Fun episode, you're absolutely smoking enemies left and right with those nunchuks!
    About Hypogryphs: Apparently you want at least 3-7 rabbits feet to tame one. You've gotta wait for the Hypogryph to land to drop the feet to tame it, either by waiting or using a dragon bone flute, which will force all Hypogryphs tamed or not to land. They can be given Hypogryphs armor (highly recommend)and a chest ontop of a saddle, and you can tell them to sit or wander with a stick on your hand.
    About Lycanite Mobs: You many want to look for a Lycanite Mobs dungeon, or just Lycanite Mob bosses around the world, since when you kill them, they can drop a soulstone which will give you soulbound mob when you right click it. The mob depends on the stone type, and even if they can't be mounted, a pet serves as a handy distraction or ally in battle. I'm fond of Chupacabras; give em some pet armor and level em up a bit if you can with Chaos charges, and they have quite good longevity in fights with their life leech attacks.
    Good luck on the playthrough!

    • masterkevkev
      masterkevkev Mês atrás

      Not to mention, all summoned lycanite mobs can have a chest. They serve as handy loot holders if you really wanna store a bit more loot.

  • Jay Hugo
    Jay Hugo Mês atrás +57

    I love this rl craft series and always am looking for more XD well done!

    • Wisky66
      Wisky66 Mês atrás +1

      I whole heartedly agree with this 😁

    • Jay Hugo
      Jay Hugo Mês atrás +5

      Btw just for feedback on your vids i think i like this spesific series because it seems very old style minecraft vids. I havent looked forward to a minecraft series like this possibly back since 2016 or 17. I believe this is because most minecraft content creators mainly focus on like single videos instead of series so imo id say do more series. Once again love the series💕

  • Saqvobase
    Saqvobase Mês atrás +18

    The speed at which these episodes are getting cranked out is insane

  • joolibreakingmore
    joolibreakingmore Mês atrás +7

    I remember finding you on YT 10 years ago as a kid, now I'm finishing my University and watching your content again. Honestly I have missed that child-like joy when watching Let's play's and this series in particular. Thank you for bringing smiles to me and so many others.

  • spelling
    spelling Mês atrás +7

    i love how jardoon sounds like moist critikal when he gets excited

  • Worzy
    Worzy Mês atrás +23

    another rlcraft video another happy day

  • H.I. Productions
    H.I. Productions Mês atrás +1

    A new episode!!! I love this series, and the mod pack looks like a blast!

  • Alana Kitty
    Alana Kitty Mês atrás +10

    12:21 in the chest below the top level there was some glowstone ingots, thought you would like to know

    • lorekeeper
      lorekeeper Mês atrás

      @Alana Kitty ah Oki sorry am dum lol

    • Alana Kitty
      Alana Kitty Mês atrás

      @lorekeeper that was a different time in a different chest. Not the chest in the Advanced Battle Tower

    • lorekeeper
      lorekeeper Mês atrás

      They might have despawned
      He mentioned at love stream but that maybe something else

  • Brittany Cusack
    Brittany Cusack Mês atrás

    Just want to let you know I’m loving the series, and I hope that after your done with rl craft you do more minecraft modpacks!

  • Azazel
    Azazel Mês atrás +8

    Let's go captain now that I'm updated and watched all the videos from before we can "play" together love your new content keep it up, hope you are having as much as fun playing as we are watching :)

  • J-TEC
    J-TEC Mês atrás +1

    im loving this series so much :)

  • LoneVex
    LoneVex Mês atrás

    Honestly LOVE the seris, keep up the good work :D

  • Sups277
    Sups277 Mês atrás +3

    Ive been waiting all week for this captain! This is the best thing you couldve done ever i love the modded seriessss

  • Magnificent Bastard
    Magnificent Bastard Mês atrás

    I love that you play it cautious but also are willing to go into it & knowing your limits! I hate it when people are so overly scared to do anything. The suspense of it makes it more entertaining!

  • Hamburger Broz
    Hamburger Broz Mês atrás

    always a good day when a new rlcraft ep drops :3

  • JamesElGato
    JamesElGato Mês atrás +1

    Wow 3 episodes in a row, i always like your rl series, keep going

  • Nick Zefelippo
    Nick Zefelippo Mês atrás

    I’m loving it! Keep it coming! 🔥 Brings me back to the ol days when I was younger watching ur vids!

  • Count Dracus
    Count Dracus Mês atrás

    You can enchant the bandage with mending, unbreaking, & efficiency so it can be a permanent healing item.

  • ConnorSinclairCavin
    ConnorSinclairCavin Mês atrás

    You can actually swap an item out for any item in that tool belt so you can have another thing in there, you just swap out your “tool spot” on the hotbar for whatever you want out of the bag

  • OnlyRedOpps21
    OnlyRedOpps21 Mês atrás +10

    You’re always gonna be the best minecraft BRclipr💯

  • YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර

    The cross necklace you got from the battle tower is one of my favourite baubles just from how many times it saved me from dying, definitely one of the best baubles!
    (You could put your ender queen's crown in a crate if you decide to equip the necklace tho)
    (Also nearly 2.30h of RLcraft? Sign me up)

  • Joel Williamson
    Joel Williamson Mês atrás +1

    I love this series, I've missed the playthrough series style. Also, do villager trading mechanics work the same in RLCraft as in vanilla? Because if they do, it is definitely worth brining a lectern to the new village and breaking the cartography table. That way you can cycle to a mending book and never repair your armor again.

  • James Scalzo
    James Scalzo Mês atrás

    Loved the video @CaptainSparklez! Can't wait for the next video man! The Zombie Siege spawned because likely you've been in the Village long enough for the Population Count to reach to 20 or more Villagers. You might want to consider building a Cobblestone Generator so you can Build some Walls to Protect the Village from the Next Zombie Siege. Hope you find the Hippogryph soon man!

  • Thunderstorm
    Thunderstorm Mês atrás +1

    Lesss gooo, I love this series and would like more edited modded series on this channel

  • Jake
    Jake Mês atrás

    I love the idea of a half-episode!!!

  • Wato the Green Bean
    Wato the Green Bean Mês atrás

    fun episode, love to see it

  • Shannon M
    Shannon M 25 dias atrás

    When your getting hyperthermia, go into the water. It cools you down

  • bluehairedspider
    bluehairedspider Mês atrás

    We need MORE RLcraft hardcore please

  • ThylaDragonFishie
    ThylaDragonFishie Mês atrás +3

    Getting more rabbit feet may be a good idea because Hippogryphs need 3-7 rabbit feet to be tamed

  • Lord of Darkness
    Lord of Darkness Mês atrás

    Hey Jordan, could you make yourself a house? I think it would be really satisfying to see you use and make a full house that actually looks good.

  • flar
    flar Mês atrás +1

    thanks for uploading these more often recently :)

  • Shine4o6
    Shine4o6 Mês atrás

    For some of the locked chests use a switch-bow and tnt arrows and shoot the lock off it may take multiple shots if is a iron/steel *diamond is not possible to break it*

  • Zeder
    Zeder Mês atrás

    *if you want to keep repairing your boots,* you can put 0 anvil use boots in the first anvil slot
    it will cost you a bit but then you basically reset the anvil counter on your boots

  • Joris D
    Joris D Mês atrás

    woooow!!! congrats on hitting the like goal once again!! banger as always mr. sparkley

  • Lawlz 4Dayz
    Lawlz 4Dayz Mês atrás

    Upgrading the Summon Staff lets you summon multiple mobs

  • BoosterAxleDoesStuff
    BoosterAxleDoesStuff Mês atrás

    Jordan there is also an option for sea serpent armor, which is fantastic for underwater exploration, you should try it!

  • Khandaker Mushfiq Zaman

    also ik it's a long way to go but start collecting lycanite mob parts you can make op tools out of them.look for equipment forge in the jei.

  • Chrono-Spidey
    Chrono-Spidey Mês atrás

    I think if you put the new enchanted boots at ~ 14:00 in the first slot and your old ones in the second it will only need xp for applying the 2 enchantments not already on the boots and also reset the number of anvil actions performed on them (The XP cost of repairs and adding enchantments) to just 1 action

  • Nathan
    Nathan Mês atrás

    Seeing a hyper realistic rabbit with googly eyes made my day

  • Ranger Furby
    Ranger Furby Mês atrás +1

    Jardon, it takes anywhere from 11 to 30 rabbits feet to tame a hippogryph

  • GrandAdmiral424
    GrandAdmiral424 Mês atrás +3

    Been waiting for this
    Can’t wait for the next one

  • zanetano
    zanetano Mês atrás

    if you stare at it for about 25seconds the cockatrice gets tamed :)

  • Anarkizt
    Anarkizt Mês atrás

    If you keep one of your tools in your hotbar you still have 1 slot in your toolbelt, if it "insert" that means there is still a slot, also you don't need to be on any hotbar slot, it'll swap whatever is in your hand with the toolbelt slot, think of it like a second hotbar rather than a specific tool.

  • James Wisdom
    James Wisdom Mês atrás +1

    I always keep coming back to binge watch your Minecraft stuff every few months. So, I'm definitely loving this series'... Vibe? Feel? Idk how to describe it, just feels like the old Ultramodded and Hardcore Survival stuff I guess. Nostalgia hits hard sometimes lol.

  • Konv
    Konv Mês atrás

    Its been a long time since I am addicted to watching a Lets Play Series, this one in particular has gotten me hooked.

  • Psychedelic Anxiety
    Psychedelic Anxiety Mês atrás

    Really loved this episode! The exploring was fun to watch

  • YakFaceTheThird
    YakFaceTheThird Mês atrás

    You should grindstone the junk enchanted books for xp

  • pasta
    pasta Mês atrás

    22:30 - 22:39 jardons face when he realized he said that out loud in front of his rabbits

    ROYAL SLASHERS Mês atrás +2

    Man this series is amazing

  • Slasher12 .Slasher
    Slasher12 .Slasher Mês atrás +5

    I feel like you should occasionally do the Live stuff. It would be pretty good b-roll and also chill a bit with this series because your constantly stressed trying to survive lol.

  • Bomber 756198
    Bomber 756198 Mês atrás

    I love this series

  • Polaris40
    Polaris40 Mês atrás

    I would sugest waiting for tomes and those enchant books that you want to put on the nunchuks until you have dragon bone weapons and dragon armor

  • Charalampos adn
    Charalampos adn Mês atrás

    This series has got me back into the channel again I love it

  • Joe Nerick
    Joe Nerick Mês atrás

    if you rename the item before you repair it it doesnt get more expensive each time

  • Chubby Punk
    Chubby Punk Mês atrás

    Now THIS is the fun part. The part where the confidence starts to build because you have better equipment, so you take more risks.
    And then there will be a moment you will get cocky. And we'll be here to witness the fall. It shall be glorious.

  • TuftedMocha7
    TuftedMocha7 Mês atrás +1

    Jordan, ordinary spawners can be disabled by putting torches around them. If the mod's spawners work the same way, then just lighting up the area the spawners are in will prevent them from spawning all those annoying Vexes. I would give it a try, just in case it does work. It will make the Vex spawners, and thus the battle towers, significantly easier to deal with.

  • Frozey Night
    Frozey Night Mês atrás +1

    You've probably already got it, but from my experience playing rlcraft hippogryphs spawn in cold and high areas, so the best season to look for them is winter or just traveling around some snowy mountains. Also they usually cost from 1-4 rabbit feet so you should be good with 3. You have to throw the feet close to them and they should just eat it and when they sit down that means you tamed them. Shift + rightclick to open their inventory where you can put the saddle armor (which has to be hippogryph armor crafted with a normal horse armor and 2 feathers) and a chest which will give you 15 slots of space. And sadly the hippogryph cannot travel through waystones. Also it automatically sits down when you tame it but if for some reason you would like for it to be able to move around just shift + rightclick on it with a stick and it should change it.
    Oh and these are the controls of it:
    up - space
    down - x
    so don't accidentally press shift trying to get down because you will dismount it ;)

  • iBeastFelix
    iBeastFelix 22 dias atrás

    I like his reaction to those diamonds after pick locking that chest I have seen that kind of reaction but yeah

  • JacobTrz
    JacobTrz Mês atrás +1

    Lol why do I love this series so much? Please keep doing them until death😂🙃

  • Orion Kelly
    Orion Kelly Mês atrás

    Enjoyed having the in between content being broadcast as a livestream

  • Magic Manticore
    Magic Manticore Mês atrás

    Gotta love the upload rate increase!

  • Jameś
    Jameś Mês atrás

    At this point, you could probably take on an overworld dragon. I don’t want to see this incredible world go away, but you’re going to have to do it sooner or later, and if you can take down an infernal golem, you should be able to take a dragon. But either way, this is amazing content, I love watching each episode.

  • Admiral_Lynx89
    Admiral_Lynx89 Mês atrás

    Due to their rarity, Trolls spawning in forests, or caves is something you'll want to try to manipulate if you can. Because they're effectively 6/7-ish blocks tall, making a cavern that is at least as large, and maybe an additional 4x4 min for width, should provide optimal spawn conditions for the Cave trolls. They don't like sunlight, and will turn into stone when exposed to it during the day. I don't recall (example from MCEternal) if the stone version had any drops once beaten, so for the sake of the hides try to keep them out of sunlight in case that prevents hide collection. I have no idea if that was configured differently in RLCraft, though, so grain of salt on both counts of my personal experience with the 1.12.2 I&F trolls. 🤷

  • faiyad hoque
    faiyad hoque Mês atrás

    i love this series

  • Jamall
    Jamall Mês atrás

    Well well well... Looks like we made it to 10 episodes. honestly I'm pretty shocked but I think its finally time I subscribe.

  • Elijah Swiger
    Elijah Swiger Mês atrás +1

    Bro I just caught up on the last nine episodes and he released another one as soon as I got out of the shower. I freaking love your timing Jardon

  • Little Eccentric
    Little Eccentric Mês atrás

    jordan you really need to get a disenchantment table then transfer all your armor enchants to better armor so you don't have to repair so much and waste xp

  • spookis
    spookis Mês atrás +1

    Maybe you know this, but you can make a villager farm in this version, it will be the fastest way to get mending, you just need beds and doors

  • Stewart Allcott
    Stewart Allcott Mês atrás

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